According to, Cyclonic Rift is among the top ten most-played cards in the format. The caster can move closer to victory, while the other players spend the next turn or two rebuilding what they lost. The Commander’s Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander! It’s an interesting distinction, but the boundary often blurs if the caster only needs a one-turn window to lock up the game or if their opponents simply can’t replay everything they have built up over the course of several turns. 3. I’ve personally watched and played in an incredible number of Commander games that were decided on the spot for one or more players because this card wiped out all defenses and cleared a path for attacking creatures. Anyone looking to enter this Vintage-lite format can do so pretty easily, choose from a huge variety of strategies, and quickly have a deck they are able to take to a local game store or friend’s house for a day of fun and camaraderie. Casting Vandalblast or Plague Wind will launch a player forward in the rankings, unlike Hour of Revelation. Cyclonic Rift is a temporary solution, and not a permanent answer to those threats on board. It doesn’t tick quite as many of the banning criteria. Rift doesn’t exile, destroy, or tuck anything away. We’re glad you’re checking out our website, please feel free to look around as much as you want as we start this awesome journey. The following list isn’t exhaustive, nor is it a checklist, but it represents ways in which cards challenge the positive experiences players look for in commander games. He primarily plays Commander, Pauper, and Legacy, and has a passion for introducing new players to the game. Do I think it should be banned? Today we go over some budget alternatives to expensive Commander staples like Cyclonic Rift and Mirari's Wake! Without lands, there won’t be anything they can do about it on subsequent turns either. Thinking on this a little further and rereading the philosophy a few times, I’m also of the mind that some of these bullets count more than others – specifically 1, 3, 4, and 5. We’ll summarize the arguments on both sides of the aisle, and work to find an understanding on what it means to have this card in the Commander card pool. This difference is what makes Cyclonic Rift so good, in that it offers a perfect cocktail of value and flexibility. I want it wiped from the format. It has been a mainstay of the format for years, and is either loved or hated by … Look at any point in Magic’s history, and you’ll see gameplay patterns defined by common phrases. Cyclonic Rift; Cyclonic Rift. Cyclonic Rift is a super annoying card. OH BOY! Let’s start by breaking down what Cyclonic Rift does do for you: That’s quite a resume, and one that has proven itself for and against me many times since it was released. Seriously, this is why the vast majority of discussions in this sub-forum go nowhere. If you want the TL;DR version, I’m primarily going to use the supplied bulleted list for my evaluation. Either you’re going to be giving yourself considerable breathing room to catch up to the other players in terms of board state, or you’ve been able to get far enough ahead to try closing the game yourself. (. • Cause severe resource imbalances• Allow players to win out of nowhere• Prevent players from contributing to the game in a meaningful way.• Cause other players to feel they must play certain cards, even though they are also problematic.• Are very difficult for other players to interact with, especially if doing so requires dedicated, narrow responses when deck-building.• Interact poorly with the multiplayer nature of the format or the specific rules of Commander.• Lead to repetitive game play. Cards like Rebuild and Evacuation are good spells to play, but the distance in quality between them and Cyclonic Rift is a lot larger than that between Austere Command and, say, Cleansing Nova. The consequences of tapping out for a boardwipe get substantially lower when it’s on the end step of the player before you. Home › Cyclonic Rift - BT Style - Custom MtG Proxy › Cyclonic Rift - BT Style - Custom MtG Proxy River’s Rebuke and Evacuation each offer most of what Cyclonic Rift does, but that bit they’re missing dramatically lowers their power level and flexibility. I genuinely dislike games that involve Cyclonic Rift, and would prefer if my playgroup banned the overloaded mode on … It also grinds plans to a halt for the majority of the table and feels like a must-include when building any deck with blue because it is often the ultimate answer to questions like “How can I clear a path to win?”, “How can I get ahead in this game?”, and “How can I stop myself from losing for at least 1 more turn?”. A player casting one of these spells won’t do it while they’re ahead on board, because it’ll be detrimental to the lead that they’ve built. Rarity, #: R, 35 Card Type: Instant Description: Return target nonland permanent you don't control to its owner's hand. One the main things that attracts people to commander is the variance (being 100 different cards in every deck) and these cards directly hinder that. From a color balance perspective, Cyclonic Rift is blue’s rendition of cards like Austere Command and Bane of Progress. As is fitting for a format in which you choose an avatar to lead your forces into battle, Commander focuses on a resonant experience. We’re going to go over each of these strengths in detail, then use that information to answer my original question: Should Cyclonic Rift be banned in Commander? Cyclonic Rift from Return to Ravnica for . Nothing here should be taken as law or anything other than opinions of the writers. No splashing this in every deck with one specific color, no guarantees of being a complete screen nuke against your opponents, and you have to cast it at sorcery speed. Before we go any further, it’s worth mentioning one critical piece of Rift’s design. How we use this tool in gameplay will directly affect whether or not it sticks around. We prefer to be conservative with what goes on or comes off the ban list. It renders large portions of a Commander game meaningless by sweeping all opposing nonland permanents off the field and simultaneously puts you ahead by leaving your cards untouched. Some want them banned, often making loud declarations in the RC Discord.Others house-ban them so that they will never have to see them again. Suddenly all calculations not revolving around instants (or cards with Flash) are rendered meaningless, and given the current state of the game, it is unlikely anyone else has a suitable answer. Non-blue colors have access to a vast suite of boardwipes, whereas blue’s options fall off pretty rapidly after Cyclonic Rift. Finally, recursion engines are getting better and better in the format, so the first Cyclonic Rift isn’t always the last. If you pay the overload cost, the spell won’t have any targets. Life totals are getting low, and the board is deadlocked due to powerful threats checking and balancing each other from all players. Overload 6 (You may cast this spell for its overload cost. ... Commander_Bacon : 237 (98%) 1: $29.99 Add to Cart: Peter Irwin : 0 (100%) 3: … There is chatter of it getting banned in Commander. So what exactly does it do that makes it so obnoxious to many? Assuming they survive to see it. People, in my experience, hate Cyclonic Rift. Cyclonic Rift is more efficient than similar cards that are legal in Commander Any deck with blue (exempting cEDH decks, and sometimes even then) is almost always made better by playing Cyclonic Rift due to the above That’s quite a resume, and one that has proven itself for and against me many times since it was … Additionally, Cyclonic Rift isn’t always found in just one deck at the table. ... Treasure Cruise or Cyclonic Rift are far from overpowered, and are just singletons, the main problems are the op’s commanders, and the comity seems to be doing a great job to solve those … I love getting to play crazy, powerful cards and carefully tuning decks to function like well-oiled machines. The Commander game is entering its second hour. But the misuse of this card will create more “feels bad” moments than not, and could lead it down the path of other “feels bad” bans like Iona, Shield of Emeria and Leovold, Emissary of Trest. Cards that have or give Indestructible are capable of defending against destruction effects, opening up quite a few options when it comes to preparing for or recovering from from a mass removal effect. Choose Printing (5 Total) Sign up to add this card to your Inventory, Wishlist or Tradelist, and to start creating decks with it.

That statement is most certainly wrong. Here’s why. Our cards use the latest production technology. River’s Rebuke will completely strip one opponent’s field – but only one, and at sorcery speed. When an overloaded Cyclonic Rift comes down, you have limited ways to deal with it. Whether playing amazing board games, finding weird indie/retro video games, or taking part in a new tabletop RPG campaign, we’re passionate about the awesome memories, friendships, and creativity that gaming can build. The primary focus of the list is on cards which are problematic because of their extreme consistency, ubiquity, and/or ability to restrict others’ opportunities. Also, by recurring the spell turn after turn, the original caster can keep their opponents at bay until they find an answer, if the game doesn’t end before that. Today, we’ll get into what makes Cyclonic Rift so powerful, and why it holds the weight that it does. Commander is designed to be a malleable format. Double Masters Ultimate Masters Masters 25 Iconic … One of the players at the table will be harmed more than the others too, if it’s cast on their end step. If you do, change its text by replacing all instances of "target" with "each".) Cyclonic Rift *Foil* 2XM - $0.75: 2: Magma Rift: ZEN - $0.05: 41: Magma Rift *Foil* ZEN - $0.01: 32: Flame Rift: NE: 0.37 $0.69: 27 ... (like From the Vault, Commander, Duel Decks, etc) are legal in the Legacy format on the date of release of the expansion or special set. At the end of an ideal Commander game, someone will have won, but all participants will have had the opportunity to express themselves through their deck building and game play. Assorted Meeples, LLC also participates in appropriate affiliate programs with other sites. Despite being symmetrical in terms of who it affects, it has the added benefit of returning lands in addition to other permanents. For the most part, these interactions are very beneficial. Assorted Meeples is owned and operated by Assorted Meeples, LLC, a limited liability company based out of the Midwest. This example wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that the instant-speed nature of Rift allows it to be cast in response to Windfall, causing a massive reset for three out of four players. The Rules Committee’s stated philosophy encourages keeping problematic cards out of games through use of Commander’s social contract. Cyclonic Rift is a way for blue decks to keep up with those that are better at resetting the board. Rob Bockman. Cyclonic Rift What are people's thoughts on this card? And that’s okay – Commander will continue to be awesome even with Cyclonic Rift in it, and that’s what matters most. The recent printing of Spellseeker also offers an extremely convenient way to add Cyclonic Rift to a toolbox of other inexpensive spells, and I’d be lying if I told you I haven’t taken advantage of this to completely turn a game around out of nowhere. Those choices affect how the game plays out afterwards, and can punish an incorrect decision. Cyclonic Rift. 8/7/2020: Because a spell with overload doesn’t target when its overload cost is paid, it may affect permanents with hexproof or with protection from the appropriate color. There is 100% no way to cast an overloaded Rift in such a way that the table is going to enjoy it. With its flexibility in a variety of strategies, it’s possible to have different players casting it in one game. Options do exist though, so here’s a quick primer on ways you can prepare your deck for Cyclonic Rift: Most cards capable of doing these things don’t see extensive play at casual Commander tables (Teferi’s Protection being the primary exception), so it is easy to feel like there is nothing you can do against the might of a Cyclonic Rift. While this ranking is only for the past two years, Cyclonic Rift is as ubiquitous to Commander as cards like Sol Ring and Swords to Plowshares. Players are tuning decks to get more bang for their buck, and are reusing more cards in the graveyard than what the format looked like when Cyclonic Rift entered it. I also acknowledge this list of criteria is not intended to be comprehensive – but it’s the closest thing to hard and fast rules we have. The goal of the ban list is similar; it does not seek to regulate competitive play or power level, which are decisions best left to individual play groups. What makes it such a ubiquitous card? All of this is what initially attracted me to the format and has kept me interested over the years. All games have to end at some point, whether we win or lose. However, an asymmetric board wipe can be used to get ahead. Despite being a sorcery, you can easily set this up in a one-sided way that leaves you with powerful threats on the board while clearing everyone else’s out. BanCommandercyclonic riftedhMetagamemtgsweeperswraths. Swan Song Theros (R) Instant $9.99 . Since the link in their FAQ is broken, you can either use my earlier link or read on to see the standard we’ll be using to judge this question, as written by Sheldon Menery of the Rules Committee. Mystic Remora Ice Age (C) Enchant $7.99 . Look at any board wipe in Commander, and you’ll find restrictions. According to, Cyclonic Rift is among the top ten most-played cards in the format. Commander is one of Magic‘s best formats.It’s a juggernaut in Magic, played around the world and backed by throngs of fans.As a member of the Commander Advisory Group (CAG), I play a role in supporting the team that manages the rules, philosophy, and banned list we all look to when creating decks. Cyclonic Rift is often regarded as not just one of the strongest board-wipes in Commander, but one of the strongest blue cards at players' disposal. Asymmetry gives the caster the agency to choose when they want to cast it, instead of having the card dictate their play pattern. Cyclonic Rift allows the caster to hold it up until when they absolutely need it. But unlike Sunder, you're sending everyone else back into the stone age while you're sitting pretty. This is not license for an individual to force their vision onto a play group, but encouragement for players to discuss their goals and how the rules might be adjusted to suit those goals. If you’re among the lucky few who hasn’t had to experience Cyclonic Rift, however, I’ve got you covered. You can follow his exploits here on Twitter and Instagram. Captain Ban Bracket Day #12: Cyclonic Rift v. the companions The MTG Captain Ban Bracket is an unofficial bracket of the cards people complain about most in other Captain-like formats such as Commander. ... Cyclonic Rift. Heroic Intervention and Boros Charm are two staples that offer insurance from destruction-based sweepers, but fall short in protecting a player from Cyclonic Rift. If fired off too soon, without a clear plan for victory, it causes a lengthy delay in the pace of the game. I want it gone. Return target nonland permanent you don't control … They get as much information as possible, and can make a more calculated decision than one made on a sorcery-speed spell. It almost certainly ticks bullets 4 and 7 to a certain degree too, so it is definitely the more egregious card. When a card's so good that you literally see it in every … The instant-speed bounce spell was reprinted in Commander … While that can be done for the regular cost, Rift with Overload can break up some combos that need multiple permanents to go off.

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