You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. The Joker was a quite tall young man (though his hunched posture made him appear slightly shorter than Batman), who was dressed in a custom-tailored purple suit that consisted of an elegant, purple coat and matching pin-stripe pants that were kept up by suspenders rather than a belt. A love triangle develops between Bruce Wayne, Dent, and Rachel Dawes. Batman Begins (mentioned)The Dark Knight. While Dent was transported, the Joker and his gang attacked the caravan of police vehicles and attempted to kill Dent with a machine pistol, a shotgun, and even a rocket-propelled grenade. (Redirected from Joker in the Dark Knight) The Joker, the archenemy of the fictional superhero Batman, has appeared in various media. It's a very thrilling element in the film, and a very important element, but we wanted to deal with the rise of the Joker, not the origin of the Joker. Though a unique portrayal, that Joker interpretation maintained much of his comic personality, such as his refusal to kill Batman, his view that people's morals were easily derailed, and Two-Face's origin story in the film mirrored the themes and plot of Batman: The Killing Joke, as well as his unreliable memory. After he gave Harvey a gun, the Joker advised Harvey to break away from the law that failed him and turn to chaos, which the Joker described as the only truly fair system, as the fate of everyone would be only decided by chance, without the interference of the flawed laws of Man. In addition, largely because he couldn't resist appearing on-camera, Joker also deliberately unmasked himself in front of a surveillance camera and posed. Despite the fact that Joker never cared about money (as evidenced by his burning of the Mob's money that he earned to recover Lau from the MCU and stated that his actions weren't "about money. Joker was almost always seen wearing chalk-white makeup on his face, which consisted of dark face-paint that blackened the spaces around his leering brown eyes, green hair-dye that was spread all over unkempt greasy brown hair, and a red slash of lipstick that was smeared all over a thin mouth with two gruesome scars that were lined at the corners that resembled a Glasgow Smile, which further implied his unstable psyche. His videotaped speech to Gotham City that announced the Maniax after he slaughtered the GCPD, resembled Joker's first video message upon being hired by the Mob. Gordon also warned that just as escalation occurred in terms of the police force against crime, so might the scale and style of criminality change in reaction to Batman's appearance. His casual insensitivity to pain, and his extreme fearlessness, let Joker take risks that a normal person couldn't even attempt, and most people just didn't see his attacks coming, i.e. "But the truth is, I feel very lucky to have something productive to do, to have a performance that he was very, very proud of and that he had entrusted to me to finish." Finally, only "Bozo" remained, who revealed himself as the Joker to the Manager of Gotham National Bank, who had earlier confronted the robbers with a shotgun. The Dark Knight This corruption, this decay in the texture of the look itself. In a bit of unintended tragic irony that regarded the fate of his actor, the Joker's 'dead' body was brought inside in a garbage bag before he attacked Gambol and told him the origin of his mouth scars as a way of psychological torture and intimidation. You can also upload and share your favorite Joker Dark Knight wallpapers. The Joker burning his share of the Mob's money. Joker often spoke with a nasally Chicago accent, although he sometimes his voice stooped down to a deep and almost demonic pitch. The Joker then willingly told Batman where Harvey and Rachel were located; however, Joker "knew" that Batman would choose Rachel and tricked Batman into saving Harvey instead and gave him Harvey's location and told him that it was Rachel's, and vice versa. Batman Dark Knight Joker Quid Ita Serius T-Shirt. According to Happy and Dopey, Joker's use of clown makeup was meant for use in psychological warfare akin to warpaint, and that was at least one reason why he was given the moniker of "The Joker.". "), he did see some use of money; he used the money that he had stolen from Gotham National Bank and created his custom suit, acquired his equipment and weaponry, and hired others to form his own gang as the Mob's agents were simply used as a means by Joker to gain control of Gotham's infrastructure and cripple the Mob's power. Rachel then kneed Joker in the crotch, but Joker laughed it off and said that he liked people with a little fight in them. In The Dark Knight (2008), Heath Ledger’s Joker embodies and intensifies the villain’s philosophies of anarchy. The Joker was very egocentri… In a report filed by the GCPD, there were three theories that were presented for the Joker's origin and identity. The Joker was nothing more or less than the ultimate personification of chaos, anarchy, death, destruction, madness, and psychopathy. In order to further ensure that the GCPD was kept on its toes, Joker also placed a sniper rifle on the windowsill of an apartment room, as well as a timer to release the blinds for the GCPD Sharpshooters to shoot at anyone who was hapless enough to be caught in the trap. 99. As a result of that, Batman told Dent to call a press conference so that he could reveal his identity and stop the killings. Harvey fell on the floor and his left side was then completely immersed in Turpentine. A thief who steals corporate secrets through the use of dream-sharing technology is given the inverse task of planting an idea into the mind of a C.E.O. That proved that Joker absolutely didn't care about himself and his life at all, only his desire to spread chaos and anarchy and proving that all men could be corrupted if they were pushed hard enough. In addition, largely due to that incarnation's popularity that regarded his very dark nature, several later incarnations of the Joker were depicted in a similarly dark manner. That act caused Maroni to tell Gordon the Joker's location and found Joker and his craziness "too much" for business. Joker has a facial tic where he repeatedly makes chewing motions with his mouth with some licking, presumably caused by his glasgow scars. Joker only managed to escape by throwing Rachel out of a window, who Batman then leaped after and saved. The Joker was then successfully jailed at the GCPD, and, as a direct result, Gordon was then promoted to Commissioner by the Mayor. After he realized that Dent wasn't Batman, Joker broke off his pursuit and attempted to ram the Batpod instead: Batman managed to dodge him and then capsized the Joker’s eighteen-wheeler by use of his cable launchers. As the deadline passed, Batman asked Joker if he was trying to prove that everyone was as ugly as him deep down and bluntly informed him that he was alone in both his corruption and insanity. Before he could detonate both ferries, Batman knocked the detonator out of Joker's hand with his shooting wrist-blades, threw him over the edge, and also cited right before he threw him off, in reference to Joker's scar stories, that he knew how he got his other scars. Joker The Dark Knight … The Joker was a genius at planning and improvising criminal activities: He was incredibly intelligent and calculating and always stayed one step ahead of everyone else, including Batman and the GCPD. Joker and his men managed to destroy nearly all of the GCPD vehicles in the convoy, but, when he attempted to destroy the armored car that carried Dent, Batman intercepted his RPG, at the cost of the Batmobile (Batman detached part of it in the form of the Batpod). A similar display of his masochistic nature and his immunity to pain was demonstrated when Rachel Dawes, in an attempt to defend herself shortly after Joker gave his second "scar story," gave him a quick knee-jab into his groin, he laughed it off and then admitted that he "liked" the fact that she had a "little fight" in her while he approached her. $8.85 shipping. However, the Joker himself claimed to not be insane, but rather "just ahead of the curve". While Joker attempted to take control of the city by recruiting Mob henchmen, he appeared to hold his philosophy of chaos higher than himself: he described himself as merely an "agent" of chaos (in his speech to convince Harvey to let go of his beliefs so that he could prove in his ultimate plan that even the noblest of men could sink down to the Joker's level). Menu. Batman was then forced to fight not only the Joker's Henchmen but the SWAT Teams as well in order to save the hostages. Appearances: Joker presumably was going to tell Batman the third version of his scar story when he was about to kill him, but he ultimately did not get the chance to do so due to Batman literally shutting him up by using launching his wrist blades at him, who then claimed that Batman knew how Joker got those scars other than the Glasgow scars on his mouth. Joker did it often enough that his trademark was claiming that he was "a man of his word.". Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Joker did not care for the people who worked for him; when one of his minions got electrocuted in his attempt at removing Batman's Mask, Joker laughed hysterically and then kicked him. Described as a "psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy," Joker was potent in both mental combat and strategic planning, and his physique was defined by his clown makeup and gruesome Glasgow Smile that added sick comedy to all his crimes and misdeeds. No one knew who the Joker really was. Joker then betrayed the Chechen and took control of his men. The Joker's Card at the end of Batman Begins. One of Joker's anecdotes told of his supposed extremely abusive and alcoholic father, which stated that after he attacked his mother with a knife, the blade was next turned on the young man and created his mutilated smile. While he initially found it difficult, Ledger was eventually able to generate a voice that did not sound like Jack Nicholson's take on the character in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film. Batman's struggle against The Joker becomes deeply personal, forcing him to "confront everything he believes" and improve his technology to stop him. Having no connections, friends, former identities or family to be traced back to made Joker very difficult to predict, track down, or even understand. The explosive chemical was then saved for storage at the Gotham General Hospital and on two passenger ferries sometime later. In addition, when Harvey gave Joker the coin's options and told him that he would die if the coin landed on the bad side, Joker said: "now we're talking!" Joker also warned the Mob that Lau would betray them if he was arrested and claimed to know a squealer when he saw one. The Joker later took revenge that night and had his men come to Gambol, who then claimed to have killed the Joker. From Die Hard to The Muppet Christmas Carol, these festive movies and holiday TV episodes are guaranteed to boost your holiday spirit. Desperate, Gordon let Batman interrogate Joker for information, but Joker seemed unshaken by the pain. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The Dark Knight Saves Gotham City - Limited Edition Canvas (SN - Standard Numbered) Led by The Joker, the worst villains from Gotham City have escaped Arkham Asylum, bringing mayhem, violence, and … Joker costume from the 2008 film The Dark Knight worn by actor Heath Ledger and designed by Lindy Hemming is on display at the DC Comics Exhibition... Clown masks used in the 2008 film The Dark Knight … Harvey's kidnapping was part of a test to see if Batman would save him or Rachel, whom Joker could tell that Batman cared for. The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son. 155 wins & 162 nominations. That extreme scenario of cruelty, sadism, and precision proved that this Joker was more in the realm of a psychopath/sociopath than insanity as he was neither delusional nor did he lose his grip on reality. or Best Offer. Another Set within a year after the events of Batman Begins (2005), Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and new District Attorney Harvey Dent successfully begin to round up the criminals that plague Gotham City, until a mysterious and sadistic criminal mastermind known only as "The Joker… Batman then realized that Joker had lied about Rachel and Harvey's whereabouts in order to further crush Batman's morale. The clown mask-wearing robbers whittled down their own numbers within minutes in a series of calculated betrayals. One explanation for his fighting skills might have to do with his psychotic personality: Joker didn't really fear physical damage to himself like a normal person did, and, even when brutally injured, laughed at his own pain. The Joker, disguised as a female nurse at Gotham General Hospital. When Joker was unable to get the guests to tell him of Dent's location, he decided to settle for killing them off. "It was tremendously emotional, right when he passed, having to go back in and look at him every day," Nolan recalled. The Joker appeared in public without his makeup, impersonated one of the Honor Guards, as well as had most of his gang impersonate the rest of them. Joker then stated that Harvey was his "ace in the hole" in his plan to show the people of Gotham that everyone was corruptible and thus, undo Harvey's work before his transformation into Two-Face. Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. The Joker talking to Rachel Dawes after crashing the fundraiser thrown by Bruce Wayne at his penthouse. Dark Knight Trilogy novelization characters, his supposed extremely abusive and alcoholic father, Rottweilers that formerly belonged to the Chechen, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth,, Elements of Joker's character were referenced with. Instead, the Joker was portrayed as an "absolute". The Dark Knight (2008) Heath Ledger as Joker. Search for "The Dark Knight" on, Title: In a desperate effort to assure his wife that he didn't care about the damage to her appearance, Joker took a razor to his cheeks and made his Glasgow Smile match hers, but the disturbing image instead caused his wife to leave him, which damaged his psyche. You can almost imagine what he smells like." Joker and his men then stole one of the nearby evacuation buses and kidnapped the TV reporter and his crew who were inside. Harvey then responded by flipping his coin to decide Joker's fate, which gave him the same chance that Rachel had. The Joker speaking to Harvey Dent "Two-Face" at Gotham General. Use the HTML below. A love triangle develops between Bruce Wayne, Dent, and Rachel Dawes. It is just what you want for the best movie. There are no shades of gray to him — maybe shades of purple. 99 $54.99 $54.99 Rumors about the character's design spread after The Dark Knight's release, with many who made connections with Tim Burton's character, Beetlejuice, due to the similar make-up design between the two characters. However, that theory was debunked on the basis that Joker's identity had no basis within any records. The last trait was especially evident when Joker turned on the Mob after he retrieved their money: When the Chechen angrily told him that Joker himself was a man of his word when Joker revealed that he planned to set the cash on fire, Joker confirmed that he indeed was that and made it clear that he only intended to burn the half of the money that he got from retrieving Lau. Ledger was also given Batman: The Killing Joke and Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth to read, which he "really tried to read [...] and put it down". That advice went overhead when she allowed her face to be carved by enforcers of Loan Sharks, and the couple discovered that they didn't have enough money to pay for the surgery. ", The origins of the Joker were left deliberately ambiguous in The Dark Knight. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Five small-time criminals served under the Joker in the robbery of Gotham National Bank,& four of which were methodically or accidentally killed off in the heist. Ledger described his "clown" mask, made up of three pieces of stamped silicone, as a "new technology", which took much less time for the make-up artists to apply than more-conventional prosthetic that usually required—the process took them only an hour—and resulted in Ledger's impression that he was barely wearing any makeup at all. The fact that the Joker later referenced his father and his hatred of him to a party guest when he crashed Harvey Dent's party implied there was an element of truth to that account. ", The late Heath Ledger described the Joker as a "psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with no empathy". [...] In any film, there is always someone who does not like you and I am secure in my choices and my record. Some men just want to watch the world burn". Heath Ledger's name was seen on the first poster for The Dark Knight Rises, so it could be assumed he was meant to be in the film portraying The Joker, prior to his death. The Hot Toys DX Joker Collectible Figure has been very well-received since its launch in 2009. The Joker then finished the story and said that he saw the funny side to it: he was always smiling. The Joker … As a result, two ferries sailed from the harbor that night: one was full of ordinary civilians, and the other was full of criminals. Gordon then revealed that a criminal with "a taste for theatrics" had recently committed a double homicide and an armed robbery and left behind a Joker playing card as a "calling card." Nolan later reiterated, "We never wanted to do an origin story for the Joker in this film", because "the arc of the story is much more Harvey Dent's; the Joker is presented as an absolute. DARK KNIGHT JOKER Face Apple iPhone 5/5S 6/6S 7 7 Plus 8 8 Plus X Xs 11 Pro Samsung Galaxy S8 S9 S10 Phone Cover Case Plastic Rubber Picyourway. Joker: Madness, as you know, is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. After training with his mentor, Batman begins his fight to free crime-ridden Gotham City from corruption. He viewed himself as not bad, good, or neutral, but rather a level higher than everyone else when it came to life. Warner Bros. The Joker FatherMotherWifeThugs Eventually, after he realized that Batman had retrieved Lau from Hong Kong and that the police had struck a deal with Lau to testify against the Mob, Maroni and the Chechen relented and finally hired Joker to kill Batman. The Joker presenting his calling card to the mob. To in order to "give others the fun," Joker then threatened that if someone didn't kill Reese in sixty minutes, he would blow up a hospital. The Joker first kidnapped a Batman Impersonator, filmed his murder, and hung the body, complete with white make-up and Joker Scars, outside Mayor Anthony Garcia's Office. Suddenly, Batman appeared and fought with Joker. Christopher Nolan 's The Dark Knight has been heralded by some as not only Hollywood's best comic book adaptation ever but also as one of the best big-screen depictions of the Joker. WorldCat (a catalog of libraries in 170 countries) records over 250 … In order to prove his argument, Joker pointed out that if his threats were aimed at 'gangbangers' or 'soldiers', then people wouldn't really care as society trained them to see the death of such people as acceptable. He was also masochistic and immune to pain and intimidation, as demonstrated when Batman threw the Joker around the room, attacked him, and demanded the locations of Rachel and Harvey: Joker took the assault with pleasure as, under multiple occasions, he laughed while he was beaten by Batman. The killings then continued with two innocents and an attempt on the Mayor's life at a Memorial for Commissioner Loeb. Nolan noted, "We gave a Francis Bacon spin to [his face]. Joker then first apologized to Dent and maintained that he was not responsible for Rachel’s death as he lacked any idea for the repercussions of his actions, while the restrained Harvey attempts to kill him in vain. This Joker… Joker exhibited various symptoms of an antisocial personality and blatantly disregarded laws and social norms far beyond standard deviant behavior. [the Joker laughs hysterically as Batman races off and the cops come to take the Joker … Soon after Harvey left, Joker detonated Gotham General Hospital, skipped merrily away down the street, before he paused and noticed that most of the explosives hadn't gone off, before he tapped the detonator again, which then exploded the remaining explosives. Though, subtly, Joker kept his finger in front of the hammer of the gun, which kept it from firing prematurely. Heath Ledger, “The Dark Knight” Heath Ledger as the Joker ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett C. It was Heath Ledger’s 2008 performance that first brought the Joker from part to art. $4.20 shipping. Many fans suggested that the Joker would have reappeared as the tertiary antagonist in The Dark Knight Rises if Ledger didn't die in 2008. The Joker then told Rachel another chilling story about where he got his Glasgow Smile: That time, the Joker had a wife who thought that he did not smile much. It was therefore possible that, while neither story was true, that Joker genuinely believed them both as he told them. Then, his wife got a Glasgow Smile, and, to show that he still loved her and did not care about her Glasgow Smile, self-inflicted his Glasgow Smile onto himself, to which his wife was disgusted by, and left him. Joker then mocked him by making noises similar to that of someone being electrocuted, before he spit on him and resorted to his attempt at removing Batman's Mask himself. A psychopathic criminal mastermind and mass murderer with a warped, sadistic sense of humor, the Joker is hired by Gotham City's mob bosses to kill the vigilante Batman (Christian Bale), and also comes into conflict with Batman's allies, Gotham police officer James Gordon (Gary Oldman) … Joker seemed genuinely upset when Batman didn't kill him, to the point where he admitted his defeat and referred to Batman as "incorruptible" after their last fight. Joker was also shown to be very literal in his word usage, which allowed him to carry out his crimes and even betrayed his minions while, at the same time, he technically kept his word. The Joker later met the Chechen in a container ship with Lau and was given his reward: half the Mob's smuggled money, which Joker then doused with Petrol, and set alight with the Chechen's cigar, with Lau on top of the burning money pile. Differing from common criminals in terms of appearance, mentality and agenda, the Joker … Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Therefore, most inmates were moved to Blackgate Prison. or Best Offer. The Joker also mentioned that his suit wasn't cheap and that they ought to know that since they bought it, which meant that he had used the money that he stole at the start of the film and bought his suit. The Joker was portrayed by the late Heath Ledger as the main antagonist of The Dark Knight, a role that won him a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. On not being invited to reprise the Joker, Jack Nicholson remarked that he was "furious". For example, when Joker planted a bomb inside the stomach of Kilson, he told him that he would "make the voices go away and replace them with bright lights, like Christmas" ('bright lights' being a metaphor for the bomb Joker buried in Kilson's stomach). The Joker, who overheard that comment and the plan that was presented to the Mob by Chinese mobster, Lau, arrived unannounced at the meeting while he faked a laugh, as he saw their "so-called plan" as a bad joke. The Joker's own testimony, while normally quite true when it came to carrying out threats, seemed at times contradictory, and he was known to give conflicting accounts at times when he described past events in his life, more specifically how he got the scars of his characteristic Glasgow Smile. That encounter also led Joker to initially suspect that Batman's true identity was Harvey Dent. … Bad Heath Ledger’s Joker was the most memorable villain from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, but what happened to him after his introduction in The Dark Knight? In view of fans’ expectation, Hot Toys is proud to present his advanced version - The DX Joker 2.0 Collectible Figure from The Dark Knight movie, specially crafted based on the image of Heath Ledger as The Joker … However, the Chechen, horrified by the exact scope of Joker's plans, refused to have any part in him while he denounced him as a "freak," which caused Joker to order his men to cut the Chechen up into little pieces and feed them to his dogs to see "how truly loyal a hungry dog is" before he stated that his motives, far from being about money, were about spreading a message of how "Everything burns.". The irony of the rumor was that Beetlejuice was originally played by Michael Keaton, who played Batman in the 1989 Film Adaptation and its 1992 sequel, Batman Returns. The Joker then unexpectedly performed a magic trick by making a pencil "disappear," embedded the pencil in the table, and shoved Gambol's man head-first into the pencil where it indeed disappeared inside the man's head, which instantly killed him. walking into a room full of mobsters and casually using a 'magic trick' that impaled a pencil into one of their heads. Similarly, when Gambol attempted to have the Joker killed during a Mob meeting, Joker revealed that he had wired himself with explosives and anticipated the possibility that he'd be gunned down during that meeting. Christopher Nolan and his Co-Writer, Jonathan Nolan, suggested Joker's first two appearances in 1940's issues of Batman as crucial influences. Then, when Gambol was most terrified and shaken, Joker killed him with his knife. Joker's prediction about civilized people's code being a 'bad joke' was also proven true, as Gotham fell into chaos in the wake of Bane's 'liberation', and the citizens 'eat each other' as he had predicted, by way of homes being looted and Scarecrow's Kangaroo Court. From shop Picyourway. The Joker is a fictional character who appears in Christopher Nolan's 2008 superhero film The Dark Knight, based upon the DC Comics character and supervillain of the same name. The Joker picks a very specific day to rob the bank at the start of "The Dark Knight." Real name: Batman then bore down on the Joker (who goaded Batman to kill him by screaming "HIT ME!") That would not be a challenge and it would be mocking Mr. Nicholson, whom I have much respect for." FREE Shipping. Before Ledger was confirmed to play the Joker in July 2006, Paul Bettany, Lachy Hulme, Adrien Brody, Steve Carell, and Robin Williams publicly expressed interest in the role. When Batman interrogated him, Joker casually said that without Batman he'd have to "go back to ripping off mob dealers," which showed how little he actually cared about them. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight. The Joker was even capable of holding his own against Batman and trapped him near the climax of the film (although he had assistance on both occasions when he fought Batman). Joker also seemed to have some awareness about his lacking a sense of humor, as when he arrived at the Mob summit and saw that their plan was a bad idea:"...and I thought my jokes were bad." Joker then prepared to unmask Batman but Gordon, who was newly resurrected from his hoaxed death, stepped behind him, held a shotgun to his head and said: "We got you, you son of a bitch." In the film, in respect of the memory of Ledger, the Joker wasn't seen or mentioned. Joker then proposed that it was Batman's interference that had resulted in idealistic leaders like Harvey Dent rising in popularity, and offered his services to kill him for half of all the money that Lau, an illegitimate Chinese accountant, took away from Gotham in order for safe keeping. Like other portrayals of the Joker, Ledger’s is homicidal, hostile, and unhinged. View production, box office, & company info. Despite his capture, no traces could be found on Joker's fingerprints, dental records, or DNA matches against the GCPD's Databases. (2008). Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and some menace, with Chuckles, picks up Bozo on the street, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Flooded With Early Praise: It’s ‘The Movie We Need Right Now’, MTV Movie & TV Awards Special To Honor Chadwick Boseman As Hero For The Ages, Harvey Dent “Would Not Approve” of Batman’s Lie in The Dark Knight, The Billion-Dollar Film Club: 46 Movies to Reach $1 Billion Worldwide, Biggest Golden Globe-Nominated Transformations Over the Years, Top 30 Highest-Grossing Comic Book Movies, Comic Book Superhero Movies: Types and Genres, WatchMojo: Top 10 Supervillain Unmasking Moments in Movies and TV, Why did Batman save the Joker in "The Dark Knight" and not save Ra's al Ghul in "Batman Begins?". Just watched Joker in 2019, I just has to come back and give dark knight a 10. He bursts in just as he did in the comics." He had no problems getting underneath people's skin, and could easily manipulate people into corruption. Joker managed to get the upper hand, including temporarily disabling his vision, and pinned Batman under a scaffold. It's grubby. The Joker was portrayed by the late Heath Ledger as the main antagonist of The Dark Knight, a role that won him a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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