All prices discounted net. Trubolt+ Wedge anchors consist of a high-strength threaded stud body, expansion clip, nut and washer. 0000031519 00000 n 20 gage]. 0000009030 00000 n Anchor bodies are made of plated carbon steel, hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel, type 304 stainless steel or type . 1,2 Tolco Figure 980 Minimum Embedment - Each diameter of wedge anchor has a minimum depth that it must be … Length:To determine the length of wedge anchor required, add the thickness of the material to be fastened, plus minimum embedment, plus the thickness of the nut and washer. Stampings should be preserved during installation for any subsequent embedment verification. I could reproduce 20 or 30 pages of anchor sizes, types and their strengths. I prefer epoxy, ran into too many oversized holes when workingwith wedge anchors. 0000118703 00000 n Technical Information:       Ultimate Load Values in 2000 PSI Concrete. 0000045214 00000 n 0000015326 00000 n 0000114522 00000 n If the hole size is right, I doubt that you will overdrive many because the shaft will fail before the threads will strip. The design of the expansion clip assures full contact with the masonry. 0000000016 00000 n Wedge anchors come in a variety of diameters, lengths, and thread length and are available in three materials: zinc plated carbon steel, hot-dipped galvanized, and stainless steel. The force-transfer mechanism is based on friction mechanical interlock guaranteed by expansion forces. Optimum performance is obtained using a combination of patented design concepts. 0000043655 00000 n 0000110788 00000 n 0000156799 00000 n 0000156556 00000 n 0000113437 00000 n Various problems can arise when trying to embed a wedge anchor at deep embedments into the concrete: Many times rebar is buried in the concrete. 0000114606 00000 n Short video has complete information on depth of embedments for wedge anchors. Filter Start Over. Trubolt+ Wedge Anchor - Technical Data Strength Design Performance values in accordance with 2015 IBC TRUBOLT + AND OVERHEAD TRUBOLT + WEDGE ANCHOR ALLOWABLE STRESS DESIGN (ASD) VALUES FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES Anchor Notation Anchor Embedment Depth Efective Embedment Depth Allowable Tension Load (inches), hnom (inches), hef (lbs) 3/8 2 1-5/8 1,090 1/2 2 … All prices discounted net. For example, a 5/8” diameter wedge anchor has more holding strength than a 3/8” diameter wedge anchor installed in the same concrete at the same embedment depth. 0000018774 00000 n This will provide some extra depth to accommodate a minor amount of concrete cuttings which may not be able to be cleaned out of the hole. Trubolt Wedge anchors feature a stainless steel expansion clip, threaded stud body, nut and washer. 17 Products. 0000010112 00000 n Anchor Load Charts B-Line series seismic bracing anchor load charts 2 Eaton NFPA 13-16 AWSD / Powers Power-Stud+®SD2 Seismic Wedge Anchors In 3000 psi Sand Lightweight Concrete AWSD (Powers Power-Stud+®SD2) Seismic Wedge Anchor in 3000 psi Sand Lightweight Concrete (lbs.) 0000110561 00000 n 0000157198 00000 n 0000010199 00000 n A safety factor of 4:1 or 25% is generally accepted as a safe working load. How to determine the length of wedge anchor to use. Providing code approved performance, even in cracked concrete and seismic conditions, and a fast 45-minute cure time, Red Head A7+ Concrete Adhesive Anchor is a high strength formula for anchoring and doweling. Screw-Bolt+™ 316 Stainless Steel Wedge-Bolt™ UltraCon®+ UltraCon® UltraCon® SS4. 0000006793 00000 n 0000004042 00000 n 0000074351 00000 n 0000167129 00000 n The Wedge anchor requires no maximum hole depth. 0000019260 00000 n The Wedge-Bolt anchor is a one piece, heavy duty screw anchor with a finished hex head. 0000006628 00000 n 0000114452 00000 n The exposed end of the anchor is stamped to identify anchor length. …. 0000156653 00000 n Ask your Hilti Field Engineer for details. (Wedges) Anchor Thread Product Description Material Specifications Technical Data Installation Instructions Ordering Information Independent Code Evaluation IBC® / IRC® 2009 (AC 193 / ACI 355.2) IBC® / IRC® 2006. Tapcons are also easy to install & reliable. 0000005092 00000 n document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); Get the job done right the first time by using the best masonry anchors for the application. Wedge anchors come in a variety of diameters, lengths, and thread length and are available in three materials: zinc plated carbon steel, hot-dipped galvanized, and stainless steel. In stock and ready to ship. trailer <<8C5AD87BE54E470892EA9E794C7E2ECC>]/Prev 826205>> startxref 0 %%EOF 161 0 obj <>stream 0000157295 00000 n 0000044633 00000 n Kwik Bolt TZ SS 316 Ultimate. Depth of Embedment – The deeper the wedge anchor is embedded into the concrete then the better the holding values will be. 0000170584 00000 n Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc. … 0000006374 00000 n A mason Wedge anchors can be installed deeper in the concrete than the minimum embedment depth and will provide better holding values as long as the depth of embedment is not taken to extremes. 0000156327 00000 n 0000005964 00000 n 0000019017 00000 n Wedge anchors are pretty reliable & easy to install, if you stay well above the manufacturers' edge distances. 316 stainless steel as identified in the drawings or other notations. For best performance, minimum anchor spacing should be 10 hole diameters and minimum edge distance be 5 hole diameters. Wedge anchors withstand temperature fluctuations well. 0000118402 00000 n The Red Head® wedge anchor can be installed at deeper embedment depth than the minimum embedment requirement. As a rule of thumb, the expansion anchor industry has established a minimum standard of ten (10) anchor diameters for spacing between anchors and five (5) anchor diameters from an unsupported edge. The sum of these three items equals the minimum wedge anchor length. Wall Anchor Types and Strengths. Welcome to Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc.! Download the Anchor Selector Chart. 0000006840 00000 n Download the Anchor Selector Chart. 0000019297 00000 n Values shown are average ultimate values and are offered only as a guide and are not guaranteed. Concrete wedge anchors are used to fasten or secure many different kinds of things to concrete and masonry. 0000001836 00000 n Mechanical Anchor Selector Chart The right anchors, for the right reasons. It is easy to identify, fully removable and vibration resistant. Ultimate Tension and Shear Values (Lbs/kN) in Concrete* WS-Carbon or WS-G Hot-Dipped Galvanized or WW-304 S.S. or SWW-316 S.S. Trubolt Wedge Anchors PERFORMANCE TABLE Ultimate Tension and Shear Values (Lbs/kN) … 0000156084 00000 n Female anchors would require the spotting of the anchor and then place th 0000117929 00000 n If you don’t see the ideal anchor in the chart below, let Hilti Customer Service guide you to a workable option. A non-bottom-bearing, wedge-style expansion anchor for use in solid concrete or grout-filled masonry. 0000101700 00000 n Pan-Knocker™II+. Wedge Bolt Anchors Cross Reference Chart. DEWALT Deck Insert™+ (DDI+™) Screw Anchors. View Product. Whatever your challenges or preferences, we’re driven to deliver more ways to address your needs. For projects that need a heavy-duty hold, Red Head Trubolt wedge anchors deliver: ICC-ES approvals for use in uncracked concrete (ICC-ES ESR-2251) Stainless steel clip provides additional corrosion protection; A reputation for quality, strength and ease of installation from industry professionals; Where to Buy PROFIS Anchor software . 0000155704 00000 n 0000113822 00000 n 0000074690 00000 n 8) under stresses and conditions that represent the intended use. 0000037359 00000 n Cleveland, OH 44114 The exposed end of the anchor is stamped to identify anchor length. 0000018920 00000 n 0000002559 00000 n …, Fastening to Cinder Technical Specifications: To ensure safe and proper wedge anchor installation, certain technical specifications must be considered. 0000118375 00000 n Simpson Wa25134 Wedge All Anchor 1 4 X 3 100ct . Crete-Flex® Aggre-Gator® Tapper™ Tapper+® Sleeve Anchors; Power-Bolt®+ Lok-Bolt AS® Power-Bolt® Bolt & Shield Anchors. 85 0 obj <> endobj xref United States of America, CONFAST® 304 Stainless Steel Wedge Anchors, CONFAST® 316 Stainless Steel Wedge Anchors, American Hot-Dipped Galvanized ThunderStud Anchor, American 303 Stainless Steel ThunderStud Anchors, American 316 Stainless Steel ThunderStud Anchors, RedHead Trubolt Wedge Anchors - Galvanized, RedHead Trubolt 304 Stainless Steel Wedge Anchors, RedHead Trubolt Wedge Anchors 316 Stainless Steel, Red Head Trubolt+ seismic cracked and uncracked, CONFAST® Zinc Plated Hex Head Sleeve Anchor, CONFAST® Zinc Plated Acorn Head Sleeve Anchor, CONFAST® Zinc Plated Flat Head Sleeve Anchor, CONFAST® Zinc Plated Round Head Sleeve Anchor, CONFAST 304 Stainless Steel Acorn Sleeve Anchor, CONFAST® 304 Stainless Steel Hex Sleeve Anchor, CONFAST 304 Stainless Steel Flat Sleeve Anchors, CONFAST® 304 Stainless Steel Drop-In Anchor, CONFAST® 316 Stainless Steel Drop-In Anchor, 316 Stainless Steel American Made Drop-In Anchors, Hammer Drive Anchor with Stainless Steel Nail, 410 Stainless Steel Tapcons Concrete Screws, All 410 Stainless Steel Tapcons Concrete Screws, 410 Stainless Steel Large Diameter Tapcon®. Wall Anchor Types and Strengths Chart Hardware | Remodeling text: Tim Carter. The depth of the hole in the base material should be at least the length of the anchor minus the thickness of the material being fastened. When vibration or sudden impact is part of the load conditions, the spacing between anchors should be increased. Threaded studs are set by tightening the nut to the specified torque. 0000007563 00000 n 0000019163 00000 n Block The data provided in Table P10.2.1-1 is based on concrete with a minimum compressive strength of 3,000 psi and a minimum embedment depth equal to 8 anchor diameters. Domestic Wedge Anchors. 0000007339 00000 n 0000043768 00000 n It would drive both of us crazy. Steel deck must comply with ASTM A653/A 653M SS Grade 36, and have a minimum yield strength of 36 ksi (248 MPa). Wedge anchors should be used only in solid concrete. All prices discounted net. 0000044518 00000 n 0000053255 00000 n All relevant factors for proper installation of these anchors are defined in documentation provided by Kinetics Noise Control. PDF Download [2 MB] Contact Us. * For Tie-Wire Wedge Anchor, TW-1400, use tension data from 1/4” diameter with 1-1/8” embedment. 10 Wedge Anchor Strength Chart Tips You Need To Learn Now | Wedge Anchor Strength Chart By Bertha Beruriah Posted on January 27, 2020 February 17, 2019. With extreme load, anchor spacing and edge distance capabilities, KWIK BOLT® TZ and KWIK BOLT® 3 wedge anchors satisfy the toughest code requirements—along with your demands for productivity. Deeper embedments in most cases will result in greater holding values. h�b```b``������[� ̀ �l@Q� �8�B����d���2��v�Nc �hL��q�P��0_JF�A�I���MON^1٢��t�E�E��ٝY�.���t��I_3'�HZ��x��[BFc�������1��z��O. Sts Anchor Wedge Technical. RE: Epoxy Vs. Wedge Anchors? A7+ Adhesive Anchor. 0000155665 00000 n 0000004529 00000 n The expansion clip consists of a split cylindrical ring with undercutting grooves. 0000008457 00000 n Undercut Anchors; Atomic+ Undercut® Cast-In-Place Anchors; Bang-It®+ Wood-Knocker®II+. © Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc.. Peace of mind starts here. 0000009537 00000 n Trubolt Wedge Anchors deliver maximum strength, ultimate flexibility, and building code approval for uncracked concrete all in one anchor. Reference should be made to applicable codes for the specific working ratio. 0000007830 00000 n 15 Products Approvals / test reports. installed anchors in accordance with the Strength Design provisions of ACI 318 and the International Building Code. * For continuous extreme low temperature applications, use stainless steel. 0000064329 00000 n If you are torquing them out of the holes, the holes are too big. 0000007452 00000 n Wedge anchors. For other anchor bolt configurations, including post-installed anchors, design loads are determined from testing a minimum of five specimens in accordance with Standard Test Methods for Strength of Anchors in Concrete and Masonry Elements, ASTM E488 (ref. …, Male or Female Anchor? Better holding strength will be reached when rebar is present and the embedment of the Red Head® wedge anchor is past the rebar. Range f1554 and wedge anchors portland bolt endix c strength design performance mechanical anchor strength in stone masonry wele to the red head and. 0000045728 00000 n UCAN TZ torque controlled mechanical expansion wedge anchors have a Category 1 classification. 0000025039 00000 n These bolts feature an expansion clip (the “wedge” mechanism), which is permanently attached to the bolt between the threaded section and the tapered potion at the bottom. 0000003901 00000 n If you expect to be installing the anchors … How to anchor things to concrete and masonry using a wedge anchor. The Wedge-All is code listed for grout-filled masonry applications. Trubolt Wedge Anchor. Anchor Selector Chart. Sign up now to receive exclusive discount offers via email. Expansion anchors in carbon steel and stainless steel, approved for cracked concrete, uncracked concrete and seismic – including stud anchors and sleeved anchors All prices discounted net. I'm not positive but I think Hilti is one of the few (if only) manufacture to address this case for the new codes. If you have a specific application and/or know the weight of what you intend to hang, you should take that with you when you go anchor shopping. Written by Kupis on June 28, 2019 in Chart. They can be furtherly divided into two categories: torque controlled: the anchor is inserted into the hole and secured by applying a specified torque to the bolt head or nut with a torque wrench.A particular sub-category of this anchor is called wedge type. 0000157441 00000 n The Surface Area of a Cone (SACone) = Lateral Surface Area of a Right Circular Cone with 45oSides: SACone =x 1.4142 x H2 The force required to pull the concrete apart is the Shear Strength of concrete (800 psi) times the Surface Area of the Cone. 0000118202 00000 n 0000101313 00000 n Sleeve anchors a er s slot and wedge anchor 3 concrete anchors msc supply mechanical anchor strength in stone masonry trubolt wedge anchor technicalTrubolt Wedge Anchor TechnicalSimpson Wa25134 Wedge All Anchor 1 4 X 3 100ctWedge Bolt Anchors Cross Reference Chart Tanner ResourceSimpson Wa16000ss Wedge All 304 303 Stainless Steel 1 X 6 5ctUcan Wedge… %PDF-1.5 %���� 0000064016 00000 n 0000063661 00000 n Choose from our selection of concrete anchors, including steel stud anchors, 18-8 stainless steel stud anchors, and more. If the anchors are installed too close together, it can cause an interaction of the forces, thus reducing the holding power of the anchor. Kwik Bolt TZ SS 316 Ultimate. Spacing:The forces on a Wedge Anchor are transferred to the base material in which it is installed. They are used to resist static, wind and seismic tension and shear loads in cracked and uncracked normal weight concrete that has a specified compressive strength of between 2,500 psi (17.2 MPa) and 8,500 psi (58.6 MPa). Selection Guide Anchors for Concrete Applications – wedge anchor strength chart | wedge anchor strength chart S/HDU Holdown | Simpson Strong-Tie – wedge anchor strength chart | wedge anchor strength chart Anchor Tech | … For wedge anchors you have to be careful if you are working in cracked concrete. 0000002670 00000 n All prices discounted net. The Wedge-Bolt has many unique features and benefits that make it well suited for many applications in a variety of base materials. 1231 E. 26th St Force lbs = 800 psi x SACone in2 85 77 Steel deck panels for Wedge-Bolt+ anchors must comply with the configurations in Figure 4and Figure 5 of this report and have a minimum basemetal thickness of 0.035 - inch (0.89 mm) [No. 0000005509 00000 n Cinder block Trubolt Wedge Anchor Technical. Anchor bodies are made of plated carbon steel. Wedge anchors, also known as expansion bolts and expansion anchors, secure themselves to concrete using a mechanical wedging effect at the end of the anchor. Wedge anchor bolts (or stud anchors) provide a safe, strong hold for adhering fasteners to solid to a solid concrete or masonry surface. 0000156181 00000 n 0000161643 00000 n These are heavy-duty, non-bottom bearing anchors of greater shear strength than other light and medium-duty expansion anchors. … 0000165845 00000 n Extreme Embedments. The Wedge-All wedge anchor is available in carbon steel with zinc or mechanically galvanized coating, as well as Types 303/304 and Type 316 stainless steel. 16 Products. 0000106215 00000 n samdamon (Structural) 9 Nov 06 18:50. Stampings . There are two important facts that must be taken into consideration with … 0000052063 00000 n 0000059446 00000 n Wedge anchors should be used only in solid concrete. Wedge Anchor Strength Chart.

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