Cook bacon until crisp. Then serve the liver and onion with mashed potatoes, crusty bread, creamed corn, or a green salad. Liver as it is called is gotten from the part of a beef and used to prepare a special stew called the liver stew. Serve over hot cooked rice. Stir all occasionally, and cook for another 5″ before adding the cabbage and kale. Bring to a soft rolling boil and immediately turn down to a simmer. Chopped liver stew or Kebda is considered a delicacy in South Sudan. Drain on paper towel. 3 tablespoons Mirin (Japanese Cooking Wine) 6 cups Purified Hot Water. Brown your liver slightly, and then add your chopped onion and let it cook through until it becomes translucent. Serve over hot cooked rice. Turn off the oven and remove the pan from the oven. In a large soup pot, cook bacon slices on low heat, then add the sliced liver. Season to taste and enjoy. Add catsup and crumbled bacon. Brown liver strips and onion in oil ... cover and simmer for 10 minutes, until liver is soft and tender. For cooking in the oven, transfer everything to an ovenproof casserole dish and place in the oven at 300 F … Should it catch add a little bit of water to deglaze the pan and then throw your tomatoes into that mix and let them cook through. Remove the livers with a slotted spoon to a cutting board. Store leftover liver in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 or 4 days. Rest the liver for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Leave the liver to rest it finishes cooking. Cook both for 5-10″, allowing the fat to melt out onto the bottom of the pan, then add the sliced onions. Return liver to broth along with the vegetables. Don't cook at higher heat or any longer or it will turn into mush. May be thickened with flour and water, if desired. Cook until liver is tender and vegetables are done. Brown in fat, turning once. Cut up into small pieces, but larger then the vegetables. Liver stew is served in almost all the eating houses in Nigeria, like the restaurants, hotels, fast food joints, buka, careen,etc. Cover with water. Cook 10 minutes. For cooking on the stove top, place the lid on the pan and gently cook on the lowest heat setting you have for about 2 hours or until the liver is tender. Chopped Liver stew, Kebda cooked South Sudanese Style. Cover and simmer for 1 hour. 67 homemade recipes for liver stew from the biggest global cooking community! Dip in flour. See recipes for Liver Casserole, Iscas (Fried Pork Liver) too. I make a tomato sauce then add the liver and cook it a few minutes and that is it. Add all vegetables. Liver stew, called Kebda. Liver stew is mainly served with hot rice and it is very delicious. Cut liver in stewing size pieces. I prefer to stew my liver as it softer than simply frying it. Liver is actually pricey compared to other meat in Zimbabwe, I think it is supply and demand issue. All this is with reduced heat. Serves 4. It is most eaten during occasions such as Christmas, or marriage celebrations, when a lamb or goat or cow has been slaughtered for food. Dont be in a rush to add water because the tomatoes need to cook properly. Place in stew pot.

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