5. One of the most effective witnessing tools you have is your own Christian testimony. Aslam: Maradona spread love in football world. 1. For every story or conversation you hear that is steeped in fear, make it your mission to share a story of hope that is founded on love. ; But as one-third of the world has been put under lockdown, the global community has come together to spread love and kindness through volunteer work, music, and inspirational videos. Pay it forward. You can search up so many other ways on the internet. It is about time to learn how to spread the word of love to these unique individuals in our midst. Spread Love Like a WildFire. Wouldn’t this earth be a better place to live? Cultivate love within yourself: You can’t be a source of love to others if you don’t love yourself first. Spreading happiness isn’t a difficult task and doesn’t need you to be rich or doesn’t require a lot of money. Spread the Love is arguably the most popular promo at any legal online sportsbook. Go back to school, take a course you’ve always wanted to take or finally pick up that book that you’ve been meaning to read for too long. It can start a chain reaction too. Say Hi! City unites world to spread love Eighty ‘ordinary people’ who love to sing or are musically inclined from 32 countries have collaborated for the project Peter Gomes, who came up with the idea of singing We are the World across time zones, with his students at Don Bosco Park Circus on Teachers’ Day last year Everything in the sense everything. There are a few reasons for this, and at the top of the list is that it’s a winner. Shishir Hoque Published at 06:43 pm November 28th, 2020 Diego Maradona in the stands before Argentina's group stage match against Croatia in the 2018 World Cup in Russia Reuters. The worst pandemic in modern history was the Spanish flu of 1918, which killed tens of millions of people. How can we spread God’s love by more than words? Positive People Are Drawn To You. Look for opportunities to share your testimony with others. The COVID-19 pandemic has spread rapidly around the world, reaching at least 172 countries and resulting in more than 20,000 deaths. From the media focusing on the bad things happening around us to bullying in our schools to the unhappy person standing next to us in the grocery line, one thing is abundantly clear: We need to spread God’s love to combat the ugly in this world.. And we need to teach our children to do the sa How do I spread love? Search for something like ‘random acts of kindness’ and find ideas that suit you. Show a child how to be kind to animals. This seems like a no-brainer but it’s not so easy to implement. Yes, I borrowed this idea from the lovely and … You don’t need to have a long conversation. Here are some simple ways by which you can start spreading more love into the world and less fear: 1. Ways to Spread Love and Happiness in the World: Just imagine if everyone in this universe would constantly strive to spread happiness around them? There are so many ways to spread love to those around you. Information on COVID-19, the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. Make a personal commitment to nonviolence. More is Caught than Taught. The Good Cards is raising funds for The Good Cards - A game to spread love, kindness & happiness on Kickstarter! Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. We can spread God’s love by the way we live our lives. When you determine for yourself that you will share loving energy with the world, that love will flow through and around you, lifting the spirits of everyone near you. How to Spread the Word of God. People Spread Love is a social movement that spreads love to individuals through simple notes of love composed by volunteers. Research shows that people who are positive in their approach to … 3. When you send out love you receive love. The most important one is to just act lovingly towards everyone but as you can see there are many other ways to express this too. It works and you can't stop it! Hide books around your town to give away for free. before asking this question you must ask this question to your self Do I really love everything? living and non living, beauty and ugly, birth and death. Even if you just think about stories that make you feel hopeful, you will send out a different vibration to the world. Luckily, there are plenty of people doing such good work—acts of kindness, random and targeted, large and small. It's the Law Of Attraction. 2. One of the biggest lessons in the human journey is learning how to accept ourselves for who we are and love ourselves, despite our … Matthew 5:14, 16 (NLT) Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. The only remedy for such darkness has and always will be to bring more light into the world through the practice of love and kindness. John 13:35 (NLT) Living wisely: More than 14 million people in the U.S. have had confirmed coronavirus infections and more than 270,000 have died of COVID-19. Making the decision to be a medium for love is the first, the biggest and the most important step. If I were to look at love in action, it would be looking at the life of Mother Teresa. 4. There are so many ways to spread love around the world. April 2nd is World Autism Awareness day. Animals are great at giving love. When you see someone in trouble, whether he or she is lost, confused, upset, or has fallen, don’t act like you don’t see the person – provide some help. That goes for pets as well. Now you should obey him and spread his word to as many as you can! Valentine's Day is the perfect day to spread love, whether with a card, a phone call, or even an old-fashioned letter. Next time you’re at a Starbucks drive-through, tell the cashier you’re paying for the car … One that will help tip the scales toward more love and less fear. A real life game created to inspire more people to spread happiness one good deed at a time, one Good Card at a time. Today, with how interconnected the world is, it would spread faster. Give them the full attention of your positive energy. ... then it is imperative to walk out the scriptures and be a part of the solution that showers this world with love, one person at a time. They just want to be touched and cared for. Fall in love with exploring new ideas, constructing new thoughts, piecing together a new framework for how the world around you works and what you can do with that knowledge. Spread love. Too many people today only half-listen to each … Remember those? Telling others how God changed your life gives them a chance to see that God is real to you and that you want them to … Tens of thousands … It is quite easy to resort to unkindness when you see things … Welcome to a place where we share literary content from all sorts of genres dealing with writing. Share good pictures of others: If you have a picture of a friend or relative that came out really well, … In today’s world it is so easy to get bogged down by the negativity we see in our day-to-day lives. These “notes of love” which could be anything from a card, note, poem, drawing or a simple token — the intention is to spread love. “Let you fill your heart with joy, love, awesome experiences, things of your interest, with inspirations, … … It’s good for you psychologically. People are the same. That’s it. … We used to write on beautiful stationery, put it in an envelope, and put a … You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden…I n the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father. Show a child how to achieve calmness through deep breathing. Maybe even throw in a “How are you”? Want to build better relationships at work or in other activities? Interact with people. So, you've committed your life to the Lord God in Heaven.

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