Then, students must rewrite the sentences provided, correcting the mistakes in each one. good ¨better ¨best. Well becomes Better, when talking about health. Irregular Adjectives. We have hundreds of exercises to pass your exams with ease! Last year, (less, fewer) smog polluted the air. Download lesson as pdf. (Little, less, least) snow falls in the valley than in the mountains. 15. 20 English grammar exercises comparison of irregular comparison - adjectives exercises with answers. Regular adjectives are formed by adding an e to the masculine form in the singular (content / content e), or by adding an s to the masculine and feminine forms in the plural (Tex et Edouard sont content s / Tammy et Bette sont content es).This group of adjectives is by far the most common. Irregular Adjectives. There are (less, fewer) holidays in June than in November. Beginners and elementary level. That storm was the (baddest, worst) one in history. I'm feeling much better today than yesterday. This is an exercise for your students to practise the irregular adjectives in the comprarative-superlative form (good, bad, little, far, many). Choose the correct irregular adjectives for the sentences below. ID: 1156691 Language: English School subject: English language Grade/level: 7 Age: 11-12 Main content: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives Other contents: Add to my workbooks (0) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Here are the most common. The most important irregular adjectives are listed in the table below. ESL Grammar: Introduction to Irregular Adjectives This ESL grammar worksheet introduces students to the comparative and superlative forms of some irregular adjectives. Nouns from adjectives in English. Let’s check these examples of regular comparatives: eg bad ¨worse ¨worst,. adjective comparative superlative example sentence; good: Some adjectives are irregular. Good becomes Better. A small number of adjectives are irregular in the way we make their comparative and superlative form. From each group, choose the sentence containing the correct compound adjective.. Jennifer is overworked. Jennifer is overworked. English grammar exercises: adjectives. Irregular adjectives use completely different forms. The most common adjectives use -er or more for their comparative forms, and they also take -est or the most for their superlative form. The book was better than the movie. Give the correct form of the adjective indicated in parentheses. She has been putting in 12 hour days lately. There are also irregular adjectives which don't follow set rules. French has never been easier to study!> Give it a try and be surprised with the results. The weather is getting worse and worse. : Practice French exercises for any level! Bad becomes Worse. English exercise "Comparative or superlative" created by anonyme with The test builder 8 All English exercises free and with help function, teaching materials and grammar rules. Note, however, that some adjectives can be both regular and irregular, sometimes with a slight change in meaning.

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