international) using a PISP B from a PCA B within the same ASPSP brand, should not be double counted. Time to First Byte (TTFB) is defined in the context of the OBIE reporting template as the total time taken for an API endpoint call to generate a response message and start providing to AISPs, PISPs or CBPIIs all the information as required as defined in 36(1)(a), 36(1)(b), 36(1)(c) of the RTS and 66(4)(b), 65(3) of the PSD2. production environment) during the reported month For the avoidance of doubt, OBIE is looking to receive the number of discrete PISPs (grouped by TPP ID i.e. Reporting Template Key Usage Instructions, 3.8.3 Revocation Notifications from ASPSPs, 3.9 PSU Interface Performance and Availability (P & A), DELETE /account-access-consents/{ConsentId}, GET /accounts/{AccountId}/standing-orders, GET /accounts/{AccountId}/scheduled-payments, GET /accounts/{AccountId}/statements/{StatementId}, GET /accounts/{AccountId}/statements/{StatementId}/file, GET /accounts/{AccountId}/statements/{StatementId}/transactions, GET /domestic-payment-consents/{ConsentId}, GET /domestic-payments/{DomesticPaymentId}, POST /domestic-scheduled-payment-consents, GET /domestic-scheduled-payment-consents/{ConsentId}, GET /domestic-scheduled-payments/{DomesticScheduledPaymentId}, GET /domestic-standing-order-consents/{ConsentId}, GET /domestic-standing-orders/{DomesticStandingOrderId}, GET /international-payment-consents/{ConsentId}, GET /international-payments/{InternationalPaymentId}, POST /international-scheduled-payment-consents, GET /international-scheduled-payment-consents/{ConsentId}, GET /international-scheduled-payments/{InternationalScheduledPaymentId}, POST /international-standing-order-consents, GET /international-standing-order-consents/{ConsentId}, GET /international-standing-orders/{InternationalStandingOrderPaymentId}, POST /file-payment-consents/{ConsentId}/file, GET /file-payment-consents/{ConsentId}/file, GET /file-payments/{FilePaymentId}/report-file, GET /funds-confirmation-consents/{ConsentId}, DELETE /funds-confirmation-consents/{ConsentId}, GET /payment-submissions/{PaymentSubmissionId}, DELETE /account-requests/{AccountRequestId}, GET /domestic-payment-consents/{ConsentId}/funds-confirmation, GET /international-payment-consents/{ConsentId}/funds-confirmation, GET /international-scheduled-payment-consents/{ConsentId}/funds-confirmation, GET /domestic-payments/{DomesticPaymentId}/payment-details, GET /domestic-scheduled-payments/{DomesticScheduledPaymentId}/payment-details, GET /domestic-standing-orders/{DomesticStandingOrderId}/payment-details, GET /international-payments/{InternationalPaymentId}/payment-details, GET /international-scheduled-payments/{InternationalScheduledPaymentId}/payment-details, GET /international-standing-orders/{InternationalStandingOrderPaymentId}/payment-details, GET /file-payments/{FilePaymentId}/payment-details, PUT /event-subscriptions/{EventSubscriptionId}, DELETE /event-subscriptions/{EventSubscriptionId}. Endpoint List' Note: ASPSPs must only report endpoints that have gone live in their systems. It includes Account Information Services (AIS), Payment Initiation Services (PIS) and Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers (CBPIIs), Allowed enumeration values: - AIS - PIS - CBPII, API Request TPP Channel (9.12/9.20/9.27/9.34). OrgName) and not the number of discrete SSAs (i.e. For the avoidance of doubt OBIE is looking to receive the number of discrete AISPs (grouped by TPP ID i.e. For further details, please refer to section 2.1.1 Total uptime is calculated as: 1. The average (mean) value across all values of Time to Last Byte (TTLB) response time for each API endpoint during the duration of core and non core hours (e.g. The contact form requires that you select an email template. For business customers, unique PSUs should refer to all employees of the business who have separate authentication credentials and can be identified separately. Box 85010 . How to use these business dashboard reporting … This means that PSUs do not undertake the authentication but instead have dropped the journey (they have left, closed the web page or app or allowed the authentication page to time out). Get Started Now. ASPSPs must be mindful of their own regulatory obligations under the PSD2 regulatory framework and eIDAS Regulation. The response time must be reported in milliseconds as follows: 1. JotForm’s free online Coronavirus Response Forms help healthcare … CVTRS: For fiscal year (FY) 2021, the Legislature continued the City, Village, and Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) program. Integer number with value >=0 Values in milliseconds Conditions 1. Version Reporting: Where ASPSPs support more than one major or minor API version in production, each version must be reported separately.

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