Programme type Bachelor's. The International Business School, The Hague (I.B.S.H) Netherlands offers a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies. Bachelor Degree Scholarships from College and Universities available here. With over 45 different Bachelor’s programmes, some of which have several variants (tracks) the University of Groningen is the place to be. Netherlands Online, Netherlands This course teaches you how to optimally convey your research idea to funding agencies and reviewers, and to maximize your chances of success. Knowledge and skills acquired while studying management theory, Why history? the Netherlands. You can specialize in different fields such as European integration studies, Asian security studies, politics of Eastern Europe, energy politics, or international law, just to mention a few. Study abroad in the Netherlands (also known as Holland), the first non-English-speaking country to offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees taught in English. Do you ever find yourself thinkin in the. For international bachelor’s students who want to develop true fluency in not just the Dutch language, but also the culture, history and mind set of the Netherlands, there is no better place than the Leiden University Bachelor in Dutch Studies! +, Webster Leiden Campus- Webster University USA. Coronavirus: What's new. This has lead to one of the largest selections of courses on the continent. RETURNING USERS: Registered users can login to the system directly using their email address and … In the Netherlands there are now around 500 Bachelor's degrees taught entirely in English and many more that include a significant English-language component. Primary and secondary education For questions about non-regular Dutch qualifications, like HBO-P or Colloquium Doctum, please contact the Admissions Board of the FSE bachelor's programmes at admissions.board.bsc.fse In the international Bachelor’s program Online Culture: Art, Media and Society (Culture Studies) the focus is on digital culture and (new) media. Arts and Culture Studies in Rot Views. Excellent, rigorous, and well-designed degree programs exist all over the world so it can be difficult to choose between them. You have a passion for history. Promote your study programs Online Bachelor Degrees. application procedure? King's College of the Netherlands in Netherlands. Leiden University offers 45 bachelor’s programmes in Leiden and 7 bachelor's programmes in The Hague: … Online degrees The Open University's range of online degrees allow you to learn a subject in depth, have the flexibility to fit your studies around your working life, enjoy top class teaching and benefit from the convenience that comes with studying online. Then there are a few things you need to know. Meet us online! In order to improve job prospects and learn more specialized information, many students decide to earn an undergraduate degree, such as a Bachelor of Arts. HEALTHCARESTUDIES. NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and Utrecht University of Applied Science are the only two universities where you can find English-taught Bachelor degrees in education. During the propaedeutic phase you work together with the students from the other specializations. sign up now! Excellent students can enroll in honours programmes to further develop and nurture their talents. More Information More filters Sort Most info English courses available Scholarships available THE Rankings Popularity Reviews Christelijke Hogeschool Ede Netherlands. Utrecht University organises paid courses in which participants receive extra guidance, through an Online Learning Environment, from an instructor as well as from an e-moderator. Browse and compare degrees from universities and schools throughout Netherlands, and connect with their admission staff to learn more. Would you like a media major that is broad in scope, giving you wide experience in many media forms? Want to study a bachelor in animal sciences? The Netherlands Film Academy offers nine bachelor specializations and an orientation year. 38. Bachelor's degrees. Find your answers. 1. Register. ONLINESTUDIES. Courses Associate Degrees Welcome to the online application system of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. International students in the Netherlands love the country because of its tolerant and inclusive policies. Bachelors. Because Rotterdam is unique in is multifaceted approach to history from different academic disciplines. Their use improves our sites' … The only Catholic theology bachelor in the Netherlands. A description of the Dutch education system. Find out more about our courses and locations. ... During this Good Clinical Practice course, you will learn about relevant international laws & regulations, involved parties and their responsibilities and more important … Detailed information on programs, courses and scholarships in nutrition-and-dietetics. The three-year (180 ECTS) BSc Programme in Business Studies offers a unique blend of academic education in business studies, management and development; and a unique combination of theoretical training, practical exercises, and professional internship positions. Courses in Netherlands encompass a wide spectrum of topics such as management, business, archeology, healthcare, political science, economics, social media and many others. Our international classrooms, with students and faculty from all around the world, enhance the different political and cultural discussions, leading to a better understanding of this exciting field. +, You have a passion for arts and culture. keyboard_arrow_left. Bachelor's Animal Sciences. Inholland University has made exchange agreements with partner institutions all around the world. If your profile is shortlisted, you are invited to an online analytical test and asked to submit a statement of motivation. Courses. In Europe, the Netherlands was very early to adopt the Bachelor/Master system and offer degree programmes in English. Netherlands is a great location for study with some of the oldest and best universities and with remarkable access to domestic and international opportunities. This UvA Bachelor focuses on general characteristics of and differences between human behaviour. If you hold an EU secondary school diploma comparable to a Dutch VWO-diploma you are … Powered by Keystone. Dutch Studies (BA) For international bachelor’s students who want to develop true fluency in not just the Dutch language, but also the culture, history and mind set of the Netherlands, there is no better place than the Leiden University Bachelor … Bachelor MBA Healthcare Courses List your programs keyboard_arrow_left. They are available at the associate, bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and certificate … Study in Netherlands Study abroad in the Netherlands (also known as Holland), the first non-English-speaking country to offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees taught in English. This Online Programme Fit is a mandatory part of the application procedure for all prospective Bachelor’s students who have completed their prior education at a non-Dutch educational institution. Students who pursue a Master of Science or Master of Arts degree may enjoy enhanced career prospects and better earning potential. The courses are based on Nederlands in gang, Nederlands in actie, Nederlands op niveau, and Nederlands naar perfectie, which are all learning methods for Dutch that have been developed at the Language Centre. New entry level online education jobs for college graduates without experience, internship programs. You have a passion for arts and culture. Apply for Bachelor scholarship 2020 - 2021. You can choose between plenty of Bachelor and Master degrees at around 70 institutions of higher education.

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