To illustrate how comparable business sales can be used to value a staffing firm, let’s consider a typical business with these financial parameters: Annual gross sales: $1,000,000. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your staffing firm right now, try to keep all these areas in tip-top shape. While seeing what was once just a vision become a reality and come to life is very fulfilling, selling your company is one way to achieve further growth. Miami, FL . Your Geographic Foothold Signifies Expanding Market Share. Performing due diligence before placing your company on the market will help any potential deal run smoothly. Clients often measure the work of a staffing firm recruiter by using feedback. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your staffing firm right now, try to keep all these areas in tip-top shape. There's a marketing methodology called "inbound" that does quite well for staffing services looking to boost sales. Naturally, acquirers will examine your management team and the database of professionals available … This shows acquirers your company’s competitive edge. To sell your staffing business, check out: Houlihan Lokey; How much will it cost to sell my staffing business? Staffing merger-and-acquisition activity in the US remains robust, according to several M&A specialists. As the staffing industry continues to grow, private equity groups and established firms are keen on investing in companies with high-growth potential and a foreseeable strategic position. A staffing technology innovator, he has developed broad and deep product and technical experience consulting to staffing firms over the past 15 years. The best way to deal with these questions is to take on an M&A advisor to guide you through one of … Don’t allow yourself to get too high or too low during the process. Only do business with A+ Staffing if you seek a partner who will work all hours of the day to ensure your vision is executed at the highest levels. Generally a business broker will charge 8-12% of the sales price of an staffing business including inventory depending on the deal size. Date Posted: 10/29/2020. Differences Between Selling to Women vs. Men (Yes, Gender is a Factor) 4 Ways to Get on the Approved Vendor List for IT Staffing; How to Align Sales & Marketing – and Drive Revenue; 8 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Stand Out and Find Clients All rights reserved. If your staffing firm has a blog, resource center, eBook library, company newsletter or any other types of content, you already have the building blocks in place. During this webinar, Craig Hopewell will present legal and practical tips for staffing industry executives who are ready to sell their business. To read the full article written on SIA’s The Staffing Stream, click here. Exceptional executives are a key factor to potential acquirers. All companies need to stay on top of technological advancements if they want to stay relevant. A good valuation can mean the difference between a good or great retirement pot or alternatively it could mean the difference between a modest or healthy venture capital fund for a new business venture. Net income: $45,000. The small 1600 square foot office is centrally located in Sacramento. Eric Allison Mergers can give the buyer a whole new market share without having to do all the work themselves, as the business is already in place with an entire team already trained for it. Their level of professionalism from the onset was noticed, and their communication and execution during the campaign was top notch. Owners’ equity: $55,200. It requires the staffing firm recruiters to compete with other staffing agencies. The company is a niche staffing firm that specializes in placing insurance professionals nationwide for companies operating in, or around, insurance and insurance related products. Show that your firm has climbing revenue projections for the coming years, and make certain that you are able to prove yearly incline through your historical financials. Acquirers all have various reasons to buy, and it’s essential that your company fits the bill. Instead of supplying your sales teams with the same exact purchased lists or Bullhorn reports as every. Accurate numbers are of utmost importance when selling. Keep your internal talent pool happy and motivated as they will be a major component of your success during negotiations. “Over the past two years — and […] You never know when an opportunity to sell might present itself. March 4, 2020. competitor. The business is cash flowing positively and growing rapidly. of yours... you can actually cut … November 30, 2020, Covid roundup: Vaccination mandates; California workplace safety requirements They can afford to pay you a reasonable price for your business, or part of your business. Once you have found a potential buyer, you will have to navigate the sales process. The business is associated with one of the nation’s largest and most successful professional staffing firms – with over 830 locations world-wide.

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