We may learn a character’s passions, hobbies, occupation, or another detail relevant to their story. Please note: this post contains affiliate links. 3. These questions are not to be taken lightly. Development. What hurdles do they need to overcome to get from point A to B? That doesn’t tell us a lot about the woman. Few ch… Use only what you need. List of Short Stories for Teaching Characterization. It was nothing much–just a tiny vellicating muscle in the corner of the left eye, like a secret wink–but the annoying thing was that it refused to disappear until an hour or so after the train or plane or whatever it was had been safely caught. All rights reserved. It is too short for an exam and it’s no masterpiece but it will give you the gist of the ingredients that go into writing a short story. What motivates them? Tip: Don’t forget to apply to principles of ‘show, don’t tell’ to really pack a punch. Use scenes and explain how characters are reminded of something from their past. Top Tip: Use our Character Creation Kit to create great characters for your stories. Throughout the short story readers gain insight into characters' personality as well as being provided with physical descriptions. How do they get along? ‘At first glance Jack seemed fair enough, with his curly hair and quick laugh, but for a small man he carried some weight in the haunch and his smile disclosed buckteeth, not pronounced enough to let him eat popcorn out of the neck of a jug, but noticeable.’ Nothing ever goes our own way the way we want it. Especially in short story writing, I would not dive into deep into coming up with complete character profiles. She is a very special friend.” As with everything in writing, practice and experience will improve your writing skills. Humor. Cheryl strode down the passage and flung open the door. Sitting at her desk in the row by the windows, at the front of the classroom, made Lisette feel like she was at the edge of a bright-lit room looking in—like she wasn’t a part of the class. Creating characters in short stories is the same as creating characters in novels, but once again, when dealing with a reduced word count we have to make our writing work harder. Oh, she hated math class! What do you like about them? Reading our samples of short stories will also help you a great deal. It doesn’t make sense to spend time thinking about your character’s favorite food, color, and shoe brand if you don’t need it for your story. For instance, one of the essential elements of every story is a plot with a series of events. “Daddy, who’s that?” That way you’ll become better at describing people. While "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" is certainly one of the most famous examples of short stories, other tales such as Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Lottery Ticket" by Anton Chekhov also fall into this category. Example of action-based introduction: Mrs Dalloway. It’s supposed to be our day.” Rather say: she strode, she raced, she shuffled, she tiptoed. Because I’ll never see them again.” Relationships. The brevity of a short story insures that there will be few characters. Gerald, blinded by the projector with his laser pointer in-hand, worked his jaw, slack and fish-like, in an attempt to salvage his board meeting. Stories reflect on aspects of our own lives. Underwear. staff pick. Stories follow story arcs, which in turn closely follow the story’s plot. Buy Mia’s book on how to write short stories: Write the crap out of it and other short story writing advice, How To Write A Book All of a sudden, I was hungry. Whether you need to identify character traits to do a character analysis, or you are trying to come up with traits to develop a character for your own story, it is always helpful to see a list of examples as a tool for brainstorming. Internal thoughts are still one of the simplest ways of showing character.

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