Trail of Ten Falls Loop Hike From Oregon Hikers Field Guide. Drive I-5 South and take Exit 271 for Woodburn and Silverton (Highway 214). South Falls Lodge & Café free Wi-Fi Silver Falls State Park Trail of Ten Falls Reminders Pets are allowed on many trails at Silver Falls; however, on the Canyon Trail sections pets are not permitted. Silver Falls. After 1.1 miles, go straight (tour route signs point right) for Mt. The hike is also just down the road from the very popular hike Johnston Canyon making Silverton Falls a great add on hike or a way to beat the crowds if it seems just a little too busy. 20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE, Silverton, OR Directions: Roughly 15 miles south of Silverton on Hwy 214. The lack of overcrowding makes the trip to Silverton Falls the perfect short day getaway out of the city. More than 25 miles/40.2 kilometers of trail wind through this lush 9,000-acre park, Oregon’s largest. Eventually they give way to a tall canopy of fir and hemlock as you approach Silver Falls State Park. A spectacular canyon with 10 waterfalls. Activities and facilities range from hiking trails, picnic areas, and children's play equipment to boating and fishing. From the car park (see directions below), would proceed on the signposted trail and stay on it until we would see a signposted fork. The path on the right would lead to Silverton Falls … Before that, it was the life passion of June D. Drake, a Silverton-area photographer who led a 20-year campaign to designate the area a park. The City of Silverton currently has eight parks including neighborhood parks, a marine park, a skate park and a dog park. Silver Falls Loop Hike Info. #5 of 14 Outdoor Activities in Silverton "The entire hike had always rewarded us with amazing views, and we got two lakes for the price of one." Here's a short, sweet little loop in the southeast corner of Mount Rainier National Park. Silverton Falls Hike is perfect for little feet and offers a stunning staircase waterfall at the end. "It’s a moderate hike with a few more challenging parts at the switchback start and at the final end portion but worth the effort ." See reverse for more information. 211 Trip Reports for this trail, below Hike by WTA Staff: Anna Roth. The Trail of Ten Falls is steep in sections and is … South Falls (Steve Hart) South Falls Lodge (RSDW) ... Conservation Corps, which included the lodge's construction. OR-214 twists and climbs past the Silverton Reservoir and through acre after acre of Christmas tree farms. No dogs on the canyon portion of the Trail of Ten Falls Driving Directions . About the Hike: The popular trail through Silver Falls State Park's forested canyons visits 10 spectacular waterfalls, five more than 100 feet high.The path even leads through mossy caverns behind the falls' shimmering silver curtains.This loop is suitable for families with beginning hikers because side trails provide shortcuts back to the car. Turn left onto Highway 214, also called the Newberg Highway. 557 m blue wilderness trail trail. … The trail may be short but the views of the falls are surprisingly rewarding. You will see signs for the Silver Falls Tour Route. Silverton Community Center Gym The Silverton Community Center Gym is located at 421 S Water Street. Silverton Falls hiking trail in Lake Louise, Alberta. Hiking to Silverton Falls the Recommended Way Julie hiking on the wide main trail to Silverton Falls. From there it's a short walk to go behind South Falls, and a longer walk to go behind Lower South Falls, which is wider. Interpretive signs illuminate the past, when visitors flocked here to take advantage of the warm water that was believed to have healing properties. Turn off at the South Falls Picnic Area C parking lot. Snowshoe to Silverton Falls and Rockbound Lake Park at Rockbound Lake Trailhead, 0.2 km east of Castle Junction on Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A).The trail wanders through forest until coming to a fork to the right, leading to SilvertonFalls. No, Silverton Falls may not be as thunderous as the Upper Falls of Johnston's Canyon but they are still rather tall and grand especially for the short trek in.

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