This Sniper Guide forms part of the comprehensive ADL build guide that covers everything you need to know for progressing through the Archer job tree. Trapper Hunter Stat Build Which do you pick & why? You can use a build that’s easy for leveling like a powerhouse sniper that focuses on AGI/DEX, you could go with a trapper sniper that focuses more on traps, or you could go with a falcon build. Easy to kill some monster such Anolian. ROM SEA, ROM Global, ROM Europe. Revo Classic Sniper Guide. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is an open world MMORPG based on the ever famous Ragnarok Online, and inherits the RO legacy that drew the attention of millions of … You’ll want to prioritize these Board quests first over the red Main Quests! ... Sekian dulu build Ranger ADL di Ragnarok Eternal Love. Kali ini GameFever ID akan memberikan rekomendasi build untuk Ranger khusus dengan status ADL (Agi-Dex-Luk). Sniper. While Trappers are only for WoE, and Blitz Builds are only for MVP. So you’ve blasted through Archer and Hunter and have made it to Sniper. Mar 13, 2019 . Setelah menyelesaikan Job Breakthrough hingga Job Level 70, karakter Sniper kalian bisa lanjut ke Sniper. 1. Reminder: This is only a guide. Check out various builds like ADL, Trapper, and Blitzer. for business inquiries : Timestamp : 00:00 – Intro 00:51 – Rudra BOW vs Moonlight Goddess BOW? Falcon? 3 Build Hunter di Ragnarok Mobile : DPS, Falcon dan Trap beserta status atributnya Ragnarok M Eternal Love adalah salah satu game bergenre Role Playing untuk Handphone yang merupakan adaptasi dari Game Ragnarok Online. Wormtails have an insaneEXP per HP ratio and will give you a really great boost in your leveling. The most common Sniper. This guide is special. Ragnarok M Eternal Love Hunter Sniper ADL Build. Can have up to 2 traps of this kind. When friendship strengthens, so does their power. ‎Easy to leveling. Increase 30% PAtk when equipped bow. In a Sniper’s hands, the bow is a deadly instrument capable of dealing massive damage and carnage. Monsters MUST be 5-10 levels from your current level for you to gain experience!. Aside from the damage output, they are also invisible. Build ini menitik-beratkan pada tingkat damage yang tinggi, tingkat kecepatan serangan, dan tingginya tingkat kritikal dari setiap serangan. They also have skills that amplify their bow mastery, as well as piercing arrow skills. 04:23 – Elemental Fusion for Oracle Mirror? Ragnarok Online Revo Classic Guides. แนวทางการเก็บเลเวลในเกม Ragnarok Mobile แบบคร่าวๆ. You’ll unlock the Message Board Questsat Level 15. 07:32 – Craftman’s RUNE? Today I will introduce you to know about trapper hunter in Ro RevoClassic. 11:20 – BONUS : how Ragnarok Mobile Archer Guide: Hunter Skills and Skill Builds. Then when you're comfortable, you can switch over to the Money Making build. Training Guide for Ragnarok Online Mobile. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Owl's Eyes Lv10. The archer is one of the many job classes you can take up in the game. Increase Attack Range by 50% and Accuracy by 20. Hybrid Build. Good DS damage with moderate-high ASPD. 2. - posted in Archer Classes: I am looking at starting a hunter. First Class: Archer. Cons. Initially i don't have any issue since i just afk at eggyra and can 1 hit it with my landmine. Build Sniper ADL 300K Critical Damage Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Sniper adalah job bertipe ranged atk dengan menggunakan DEX sebagai point status utamanya. After your first job change, you can continue doing quests as they give lots of EXP or grind on Rockers, Willows and Wormtails. Sniper Skill Damage Calculator. The Sniper is the master of the Bow. Early stages you'll want to be a Battlesmith (BS) to be able to level up and train. The Builds The Recommendation… 1. This build utilizes the power of DS, Falcon Assault, nice ASPD. Long ago in pre-renewal. The Money Maker If you eat, sleep and dream about Zeny, then the Merchant is for you! Help me with Sniper Trapper Build I'm lvl 80 sniper and play sniper trap build with land mine as my main skill. The sniper job class in Ragnarok Online are played by those who wish to master the bow. Archer Guide for Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Sniper Places a trap which deals (Dex* (3 +BaseLv/100) * (1 +Int/35) * 200%) earth M.Dmg based on Def to enemy that triggers it. now when i change place to sky petit i found out my damage is a bit low compare to other person 38k vs 45k even have some ppl with 60k damage. ‎Low cost budget. For Skills, please refer to this post.

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