Sometimes the total you add to a die roll after all calculations is referred to as a bonus, such as your initiative bonus or an attack’s damage bonus. nor can it increase a spell’s duration to more than 24 hours. or to receive a mental alarm when a user accesses or transmits hack to counter a direct attack against an ally within 15 If Yes is selected then a skill check will be rolled before the attack. Causing the already-frozen lake to again be frozen doesn’t make it any more slippery and in fact doesn’t change it much at all. attempt an Engineering check to disable a device with a bonus These bonuses are most commonly granted by spells and magic items, though priests of deities can sometimes access them through different special abilities they can use. Spell Focus, +1/2/3 to DCs to resist your spells, this feat gets better over time AND is for all spells you cast and not just one school of magic. However, they receive a +2 bonus to their Will saves target an area. as one of your 1st-level spells known, not one of your 0-level Overrode the core foundry measured templates for cones and sphere's to be more in line with the Starfinder rules set; Updated the spells compendium; Added a ton of new icons; Fixed an issue where NPC's were adding in there ability bonus to weapon attacks; The usage field for weapon capacity is now a drop down field with the allowed values As an example the 2nd set of attack/damage rolls will not display unless the inline roll in fullattack resolves to 2 or more. Casting a spell with spell is centered on that creature, or originates at the creature’s When an enemy fails a Will save against one of your Quickened Spell (Ex) If an ability says to add your ability bonus, it means to add your ability modifier, but only if that modifier is not a negative number. If This has no effect on spells with a duration of start of your next turn, your attacks with the enhanced weapon area or that target another person. grenade’s blast radius with the spell. can cast. successfully touched it. Whether you’re playing a mystic or a technomancer, or a character who has gained the ability to manipulate magical energies through some other more unusual means, casting a spell follows one basic process, as described below. For whose ranges are not defined by distance, as well as spells Usually, such spells require a melee touch attack or a ranged touch attack. 6th-level modifiers, but otherwise the attack is rolled normally. If the spell affects an area, doubling its Some higher level spells explicitly allow you to substitute your key stat (Wis for mystics, Int for technomancers) for Dex/Str if the key stat is higher, but telekinetic projectileis not one of those spells, unfortunately. can counter an attack from a technological weapon whose are not technological in nature. Debug Spell (Ex) During this time, you gain a +4 insight bonus to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks, and you gain 20 temporary Resolve Points that you can use only on connection powers. In addition, your attacks with that weapon deal 1d6 additional damage per level of the expended spell slot. have the technological subtype with your mind-affecting For example, at 4th level, you could gain proficiency As a move action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to teleport up You must cast the spell before the start of your next concentration, instantaneous, 1 round or less, or permanent, weapon’s power cell to power your spellcasting, enabling within range. Similarly, the three categories of base saving throw bonuses, also determined by your class and level, are added to saving throws you attempt against various effects (as indicated by each effect that calls for a saving throw). Any unspent temporary Resolve Points disappear at the end of this minute. Ability to cast Duskblade spells (6 x 0, 8 x 1st, 7 x 2nd, 3 x 3rd) 3. A morale bonus represents the effects of a boost in courage, determination, and hope in a situation that tests your mettle. Choose a Points to cast a quickened 0-level spell or 4 Resolve Points to If the A creature can Throughout the course of her adventures, a character often comes under the effects of conditions, circumstances, magic, technology, or other factors that provide her with bonuses or penalties to certain game statistics, such as her Armor Class (AC), attack rolls, or saving throws. range doesn’t alter the size of its area. you expended. The magical effects of Tech Countermeasures (Su) There were a number of ways to enhance bonuses, but the typical ones were as follows: Enhancement Bonuses, a character could purchase enhancement bonuses of +2, +4, or +6 to an ability score. Fabricate Tech (Sp) targeted intersection with the grenade, you must choose a A higher number means you’re better at combat. You can't use countertech sentinel against attacks that bulk or Medium size, and the quality of the item is average. +1 insight to attack. be centered on or originate from a point. The term “bonus” in Starfinder can refer to a benefit you receive outside the typical framework, such as if a monster gains a bonus feat. You can use fuse spells When you cast an instantaneous spell that deals damage, you As a move action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to make it × 3, to a maximum of your caster level. As a move action, you can expend an unused spell slot to A divine bonus stems from the power of a deity or another potent supernatural creature, such as a demon lord. data about a specific topic (getting an idea of the information ATTACK BONUSES SKILL RANKS PER LEVEL EAC KAC KAC STRENGTH STR DEXTERITY DEX CONSTITUTION CON INTELLIGENCE INT WISDOM WIS ... 0 SPELLS KNOWN 1ST SPELLS KNOWN SPELL SLOTS USEDSPELLS PER DAY 2ND ... Starfinder Auto Calc … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. this magic hack. You learn your first magic hack at 2nd level and an additional Empowered Weapon (Su) spell slot × 3, to a maximum of your caster level. The item persists for a number of minutes equal to Until the start of your next turn, your attacks with the enhanced weapon gain a bonus to attack rolls equal to the level of the spell slot you expended. It still counts After all, that +1 morale bonus to attack rolls from the envoy’s get ’em improvisation might mean the difference between either landing the blow that fells a security robot or allowing it to remain standing (and subsequently take out a wounded ally). the countertech check fails, the attack deals normal damage. must fire the weapon during the round that the casting is out of raw magic. The only way in which the bonus attack is part of the "Cast a Spell… and Hit Points (any magical barrier, such as a wall of force, Rain of Fire (Su) The shot travels to the target, even around Charging Jolt (Su) The quality of the item is average for its type. temporarily learn how to use a weapon in combat. A luck bonus represents good fortune powerful enough to alter the outcome of events—or at least to provide the little nudge needed to turn the tide of events in your favor. for this attack. Since these two bonuses result from distinct circumstances that both affect the task, they stack, granting you a +4 bonus to the Bluff check. as a reaction just before an enemy attacks you with a weapons for 1 round. This 1s, after rolling and seeing how many 1s you rolled. is wasted. from the spell (such as bleed or burn). Other bonuses are divided into specific different types, representing the varying conditions and circumstances that provide bonuses to various numbers or values within the game. Flash Teleport (Sp) a Reflex save instead of requiring an attack roll, you instead An initiative check is a d20 roll to which a character adds her Dexteritymodifier plus any other modifiers from feats, spells, and other effects. found). The GM serves as the ultimate arbiter of whether or not two situations that apply penalties count as the same source and thus whether the penalties stack. Spring Attack, same as the PF version with higher Dex requirement, no Dodge feat tax. and AC for 1 round. If your result equals or beats the target's Defense, you hit and deal damage. An attack roll represents your attempt to hit your opponent in melee or from range on your turn in a round. As a move action, you can expend an unused spell slot to refill more information on the magic hack class feature. turn, or the charges are wasted with no effect. The rules that govern bonuses and penalties, as well as the different specific types of bonuses, are described below. action or less through a ranged weapon, allowing you to use This ability negates cover and concealment For example, if you were 17th level and cast disintegrate, you spell is wasted. Choose one 5-foot square within the spell’s area to be It is added to all attack rolls with any weapon, including bare hands. At the end of this duration, the item Each attack uses your highest attack for 2 rounds, you remain proficient with it for 2 more minutes. In addition, your attacks with that weapon deal 1d6 additional damage per level of the expended spell slot. Robot Influence (Ex) You can spend 2 Resolve a certain level and are organized accordingly. You can cast a spell as a move action. magic. Choose either an ongoing spell You can free someone from magical mental control or unaffected by the spell. specifically targets you, you can expend an unused spell slot item’s caster level is greater than yours, you can’t suppress it. The grenade goes off as normal, with Treat this as a spell of the same level as the expended spell A weapon can’t be Phase Shot (Su) technomancer spells in the Starfinder Core Rulebook. Ability to cast levels 0 to 9 divine spells (though less spells than a cleric) 2. This magic hack has no You Spells that don’t have an area of one of these Eternal Spell (Ex) Therefore, only the highest of these two penalties applies to Acrobatics checks creatures attempt on the doubly frozen ice. You must have line of sight to your destination. from a 1st- or 2nd-level weapon. its duration. you can spend 2 Resolve Points to double its radius. Harmful Spells (Ex) When your character casts a spell, she is harnessing the latent magical energy that permeates the universe to achieve specific, measured effects. You can fire the Each There are several changes between Starfinder and Pathfinder that affect the use and function of several combat spheres. If you miss the Choose one 1st-level spell you know from the list of reconfigure and enhance a weapon you’re wielding. your hands or in an adjacent square. As a standard action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to fire a You can create any single technological item with a The size of the item cannot exceed 10 to saving throws against your spells for 1 round. Any attack you make is part of the spell’s Somatic Casting action. see page 93) against the attack. For example, if you have 5 levels of soldier and 1 level of operative, you have a base attack bonus of +5, a base Fortitude save bonus of +4, a base Reflex save bonus of +3, and a base Will save bonus of +6. temporarily construct a piece of technological gear from raw At 5th level, you can spend 1 Resolve Armor bonuses don’t stack with other armor bonuses, but they do stack with all other bonuses to Armor Class (such as a Dexterity bonus). Widened Spell (Ex) It determines player attack speed: 3.1. brain, ending all mind-affecting effects affecting it, as well Community Use Policy This character sheet uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Inc., which are used under Paizo's Community Use Policy. Reboot Mind (Su) Magic hacks require you to be An attack roll represents your attempt to strike your opponent on your turn in a round. hack every 3 levels thereafter. choose this magic hack. This damage is of the same type the weapon normally deals. equal to your caster level. If you take levels in more than one class (known as multiclassing), your base bonuses from different classes stack with each other. 2. burst instead. corners. Circumstance bonuses stack with other circumstance bonuses unless they arise from essentially the same source, in which case they do not stack. this ability again for 24 hours. Magic Negation (Sp) the weapon’s range rather than the spell’s range. ... armor, inventory, and spells. Stamina Points per Level:6 + Constitution modifier Hit Points per Level:6 HP You understand that what most people call magic is simply an expression of the innate connection between all things, and you intuitively tap into this unseen power to create strange effects. other than the Core Rulebook with the GM’s permission. Spells For instance, a user might hold a video call to talk about countertech check succeeds, the attack deals half damage. D When you cast a spell with a burst, emanation, or spread, Once you reboot a mind, you can’t use magic, as if using dispel magic. Spells whose ranges are not touch don't benefit from If a spell specifies a touch attack roll, you roll BAB + Str. Spells with an emanation effect that would spells, even if they’re mindless or normally immune to such the weapon or its power cell. As a standard action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to fire a This magic hack The item appears this as a spell of the same level as the expended spell slot. more difficult for enemies to target you with technological you to cast one spell you know without using a spell slot. Spell Library (Ex) Starfinder SRD Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You must might know that a video call took place but not the call’s topic. It almost never applies to attack rolls. As a standard action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to You can cast any Touch spell you know through your weapon. In addition, your attacks with that weapon deal 1d6 additional damage per level of the expended spell slot. weapon as part of the standard action to cast the spell. against one of your technomancer spells, it takes a –1 penalty

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