Thank you for being a great example of leadership to me. I understand your concern about the way the company has handled recent layoffs and think your suggestions were timely and well thought out. A thank you letter can always encourage the other party to be in a better business relationship. Don’t say “Thank you for your business” It’s important to say thank you to your customers, but always remember to make it personal to them. similar ( 60 ) " Thank you for your kind letter. I was so touched by all the support you’ve given me. 4 TechCrunch. Thanks for letting me know and I’ll wait to hear from you. Thank you for your kind Support. 2. Thank you for your kind good wishes. I await your further response in due course. Thank you for your astute advice on handling my investment portfolio. Thank you so much for your assistance. If you determine the notice or letter is fraudulent, please follow the IRS assistor's guidance or visit our Report Phishing page for next steps. I wanted to express my gratitude for your training today. 10 Hello Madam, thank you for giving my service request immediate attention today. Lunch is on me next time. Sentence examples similar to thank you for your kind notice from inspiring English sources. I appreciate someone pointing out my mistake because I learn. The last time I was at your establishment, the service person that day got back to me with an answer after a full 57 minutes. Thanks (or another closing), Your Name. 2 The New York Times. Thanks for the update. I was pregnant at the time, and I was standing in a long line waiting without hope. I appreciate all your help ferreting out such an extensive list of species related to otters. Here are a few variations for your consideration. Thanks for the information. Thank you for meeting with me. If, when you search for your notice or letter using the Search on this page, it doesn't return a result, or you believe the notice or letter looks suspicious, contact us at 800-829-1040. Thanks for helping me accomplish my goal. Your suggestion to have all the editors coordinate their work by E-mail was a stroke of genius! Thank you for your kind attention. How would you phrase the thank you sentence? Also, mention how the particular step of the customer was really helpful for you and for that you are really thankful to the customer. Thanks again,-Your Name. Thank you. Thank you a million times over for your support. How do you thank them without them thinking you're being sarcastic or offended? For more details, see the five easy steps to writing a thank-you note.For this type of quick note, you may decide to leave out the closing. 1 Annals of Intensive Care. How do I thank someone for pointing out my mistake? Thank you for being a valuable member of our team. 8 Thanks in advance. The letter must use polite language. The basic thank-you note template: [Person’s Name], Thank you for the…..(this is the middle section). Thank you for being my angel; I want to extend my gratitude. I sincerely appreciate your help with the project today. Thank you! Use this one cautiously or not at all; it assumes the recipient will do something, but the last thing you want is a thank-you that backfires and makes them feel taken for granted. 3 Unicef. You went above and beyond and I’m blown away. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Tired, old sayings like “Thank you for your business,” or “We appreciate your patronage” don’t really do much to personalize your thanks. It was so nice of you to help me out the other day.

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