If it is not the house, then our levels have to be due to something Stefan and I were both eating or breathing. THANKS for sharing your joirney*quest, +educating us !! As for the mercury issue we live and learn. Do I want people to sign up for my mailing list? He had quit his job to help me, so…it was make or break time. Then, if you like his core message, find another thought or strategy that really resonated with you. While I do think rapid change is possible, I think it’s the exception, not the rule. We noticed something really strange, however, right away: every time we bought a bag of new coffee, by day 3 or 4 it started to smell and taste extremely metallic; so bad in fact we would throw it away and buy a new bag. This program is the result of over more than four decades of Tony Robbins helping people It makes people feel like they are flawed for being human. I am not an expert nor am I a certified or qualified coach however my vocational and tertiary qualifications along with work and life experience have allowed me to mentor others in areas where I have ‘managed change’ with relative success and supported others (including my children) to move through difficult paths and choices. See more ideas about tony robbins, tony robbins quotes, robbins. The recent event where people walked on fire and got burned was the first time I really asked myself “WTH is Tony doing?!”. We’ve learned since this post came out that it was NOT the house, that it was NOT methylmercury, and so NOT from a food source, leaving only elemental or inorganic mercury from industrial pollution as the possible source. When there is an apparent quantum leap it’s usually a result of all we had been working towards, not an overnight miracle So what of kindness, what of the true angels in life who would go the extra mile. But Tony Robbins pedals false hope. It makes me a bit sick to my stomach to see such hefty rates for people often unqualified altogether! That’s not a coincidence. I believe in it. I’ve written about how to do that here. Personally, while I appreciate the fact that some people benefit from life coaches and motivational speakers, I get my strength from my meditation practice, writing, and source (my higher power). "The Fourth Turning" by William Strauss and Neil Howe First came the postwar … We certainly wouldn’t want other people moving in and being exposed, if it is the house. And yeah, the coaches who take advantage of people at their most vulnerable (and there are a lot of them) are terrible. I just got to the bit in the documentary where he got the woman to break up with her partner over the phone – it made me think of jez from peeps how being the world’s worst life coach and telling his client “if you sometimes feel like doing something that’s definitely what you should do” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lkBX7VwzjM. This article seems to be half a personal attack on Tony Robbins. And I respect your thoughtfulness on how you approach your biz. That seems like a reasonable claim, one along the lines of operant conditioning. I work with people as well and would never do some of the things you mentioned in this article- and I do agree that it is not being used with integrity. Tbh, when I see him the first phrase that comes into my head is “douche jock” and his events just seem completely ridiculous and overblown (though that may be partly because I’m British and we don’t really go in for that). Thank you so much for your thoughts here Jason. To do it in a supportive, ethical, and individualized way. One said to me: Don’t you think everyone in the world should see Tony, and my answer was “no”. During the course, and after, I noticed quite a few people didn’t fully participate, held back, and didn’t appear to get much out of it. Jason, you hit the nail on the head. These small changes include: Prioritizing sleep, diet, or exercise (they’re all reciprocal), Developing a spiritual, religious or contemplative practice, Learning to feel that you are intrinsically worthy of love and respect, Developing authentic confidence and charisma, Eliminating the lies from your life so that you live in integrity, So far, all of that is legit. I didn’t need therapy or a life coach or motivational speaker. His events, his pseudo-science and the whole rah-rah is a giant commercial con-job designed to suck money out of dumb people. Tony may indeed be NOT YOUR guru. If they need me for that long it’s either because I’m not doing my job or because there’s another subject I can help with. I do disagree with you on accreditation…I think a coach needs strong skills and multiple credentials. I don’t quite share your disdain for Tony Robbins – I watched I Am Not Your Guru and felt serious respect for someone who is able to inspire quite so many people and give previously-suicidal people reasons to carry on living. Needless to say I stopped seeing her. That’s more or less the only commitment I make to my readers. I couldn’t watch the full You Are Not My Guru doco, its just too cringe worthy for me now. I felt like you gave him a fair critique that he should read and heed. A few things I’m considering doing with it: running for elected office, writing a book, releasing a product or course, hosting a retreat, launching a kickstarter, raising funds for organizations I believe in, etc. Especially if you’ve had bad experiences with coaches/mentors/providers before, like I have. Immediately you stop the car and make a 360 degree turn and start going the other way if you want to meet the person of your dreams. You can see for yourself by watching the documentary: He has helped countless people, including world famous athletes, celebrities, and politicians. I also read an article about psychologists and other counselors who, because they crossed lines with patients, then go on to become “coaches,” which is a filed with no oversight or accountability. He is very taken away with pageants. I think Genova diagnostics will test water samples if you send them one- depending on results then get a whole house water filter and point of use water filtration system. I do not have the disability she said I did this is really fucked up of Catherine,it is not as damaging but reminds me of that whole mess of therapists who had there licenses taken away for pumping false memories of abuse into there patients head that had never happen. Bam. Step 4 Change your strategy… make a new plan, make a decision, and take massive action. Don’t you think that if someone is good, there might be cycles of benefit, so that in a few months you see results and as you keep working with that person over time you see additional results? Despite that, only two people – you and a close friend – have mentioned them to me. My response to Hannah Jane? The question for each of us to answer was “What takes you away from being with people?” Mentioning the potential mercury sources, my first thot was the cement plant along 93…it has been there for AGES !! Then I saw something that triggered me and I asked myself: “Isn’t he exactly doing what he is warning people about?”. You know why? On a side note, I did use some of the NLP classroom teaching techniques and found them to be useful tools for classroom management and some learning. Psychologists, especially specialized ones, have tons of training. He’s also an A-type personality who’s committed to maximizing and optimizing his performance. Almost every area of my life has been improved by it. You have managed to put into words why I have always felt uncomfortable with Tony Robbins and life coaching in general. I think Robbins does the same. does chanting the lotus sutra give you results great stick to it. I've read (or listened to) several of his books. To finish this quote from a (2003?) By the time they replaced the air conditioner, we believe the mold had grown insitde the HVAC system and when they turned It on it spread throughout the house. It makes a certain sense, since they are so popular many, many people would be knocking down the door for help. I think Robbins knows the power in that. You do it more subtile by “selling” it indirectly and condemning all other ways that might be out there. It’s a mistake I won’t be repeating anytime soon. on the other hand I have had relatives who’ve had depression and if they stop taking medication or switch meds or doctors the feelings change. Some of the things these so called “Life Coaches” come up with is and make audience members do is truly shocking, abhorrent and frankly illogical and serves no purpose but to use people for entertainment and effect. I did a real times labs urine test for mycotoxins and was high in aflatoxin (usually from Aspergillus) and then when the ERMI test came back with high Aspergillus and some others, he came back for a closer look. My gut tells me everything I’m experiencing is due to the mercury. It would be weirdly masochistic to do anything else. The deception around what actually happens behind the scenes can be so harmful to those who are strung along this path. Some of my clients do indeed “drink the KoolAid”. Because she’s already produced great results, you’re likely to trust her. I am sure those who have over invested their time and money, and hope in his business… and let me be clear… it’s his business and no matter your role, you are a pawn in HIS BUSINESS to make him money… will struggle with this. Chandra And not breathing (generally considered a bad thing) will save your life when your head is under water. Learning to leave your comfort zone I think change is something we do by stealth. But, that needs a postive coach with positibe help, not just words of encouragement. Occasionally. That awareness is powerful. You. I have known a number of coaches with very unprofessional boundaries which can be confusing an unhealthy for vulnerable people. Really, I am. TR pushed the share on the crowds in this crowded rooms and the American Moms and Pops that purchased the shared felt the pain of Financial loss and the hands of TR and his associates. How many people are being misdiagnosed in America (and worldwide), when an underlying cause could be chemical or metal toxicity? Even though we didn’t own the house, and the landlady felt justified to re-rent it as is (we decided to move out regardless of that vapor test), we couldn’t let it lie. I don’t know what I’ll do with my mailing list, but I love the idea of having a group of like minded people who I can communicate with from time to time. I still think there are people in life who are gifted to help others and aren’t a qualified psychologist tho. Debs. Well said Jason, I feel the same about Tony Robbins and others of his ilk. I will take what I learned and move on. So I went on to train in NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT – all of which made a much more positive impact on my own life and on the lives of my clients and patients – but still something was missing – and no one seemed to have found the real answers they were looking for. See this guy is a very, tall, good looking, charismatic, white man. Thank you again for sharing and adding your thoughts to the conversation! and I change my thots to positive ones again. As always it’s east to try what appears to be the quick fix, rather, than to do the hard work. There is good use of NLP in psychotherapy – NLPt, with scientific evidence. Personal development then sold us a bull shit solution about how to achieve it. It made me question my own results as I don’t beleive things can change in am instant ..I think we do get caught in the emotions after a hyped up coaching session, but these are like sugar rushes as you say. It doesn’t all need to be sunshine and rainbows. If you think that you are stuck in your current circumstance, blame other people and generally tie your success to some external uncontrollable factor then you really don’t have much of a chance. No one raises their hand. If he says that you must put in the work to achieve the change you desire after making the decision, then he is speaking from the heart. The business is now kaput (the key reason brought forward being Chet Holmes’ death) and you will no reference to BBI on Tony Robbins’ new website even in his list of achievements.. I feel that people are desperate in this capitalist society to be successful. I actually don’t want most people to hire me as any sort of coach or consultant. So glad to hear you resonated with the article. So again, trust your gut. As I re-read that I can see how that may come off as infantilizing. Spend your money on quality therapy (you know, a qualified person working under an ethical framework), a mindfulness course or two, a nice weekend away, … But of course, there’s no need to take my word for any of this. Tony Robbins is also in the public eye 24/7. So 2017 has started off as a ‘declutter year’ where I’m unsubscribing from many newsletters, blogs etc about all this self development stuff, because I want to reconnect with the important things – being with real people, laughing with people, enjoying the outdoors, painting and writing. I initially quite liked (the idea of) Tony Robbins since I just can’t stand people who call themselves a guru. I had to read it three times before I could decide whether I agreed or disagreed but I’m glad I hung in there – it’s great. From a financial perspecitve, some see a person that fails and has to try again as a more financially rewarding target than those that suceed. I never really realized that. In the mental health establishment, it has long been thought that reducing mental illness to a brain disease—and … All of this is good. Maybe our teachers need to inrpire us more. What can kill you in one context can save you in another and vice versa. It strikes me as a huge win. I have a huge tool kit to help due to my training and a high ethical bar due to my license. 7. so this is my take on why i am getting results even though many ppl have the same philosophy of consistency and focus on processes. And therefore there was no opportunity for a path to be opened towards self-actualisation for the people involved. I also found his gender essentialism in that bit very saddening, men are constantly taught that we should be cut off from our emotions or else not be a “real man”, and he totally perpetuates that here. Real success is sometimes about things you can write in books or teach in seminars. In order to create the sales letters, and other promotional materials, my team and I got access to some of their “tools” and “patented methods”. When you can own that you alone are responsible for your feelings, it’s a freedom like no others. Hmmm… I’ve never thought of it that way. Although I had some great results with my own patients and clients – those results were unpredictable – and I had no idea why. Until then, Im suggesting everyone get a therapist. I am also a licensed psychotherapist and a certified massage therapist who has done plenty of my own therapy… and I can see the limitations of therapy for some as well. I went into coaching because I wanted to become a Daring Way facilitator as I’m passionate about Brené Brown’s work because it resonates with even a girl like me. It was critical to my current success. Your share, is very gentle for the reality of it. While not everyone has high levels of mercury like us, most people have some levels of mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium, arsenic, formaldehyde, pesticides and a ton of household chemicals in their systems due to this modern industrial way of living we’ve created. An interesting article and many good points. I am not going to go into too much detail. He is likely less intelligent than he seems. Your words open my eyes in so many ways and encourage me to share my stories for the first time publically. yes thats all that matters, so the bottom line focusing on a healing process(any One) and staying committed to it for a long time 2 years gives you bigger results than on a self development technique which gives you instant results or gives you an improvement in only a small sector of your life. Like I said, perhaps there is more to this…for me too. AND there are some things that don’t take a lot of time for most people to shift. I have an appointment next week to see what he wants to do about the metals. Great article! This woman who is a survivor of repeated and systematic sexual abuse was now supposed to allow a guy who was leering at her into her inner circle. Because I am a coach, my Facebook feed is bombarded by unscrupulous ‘6 figure success’ coaches who are preying upon health coaches such as myself. It is a shame that most Councillors, Psychotherapists etc don’t work on themselves, if they did they would be more effective. Thanks for prodding that. And yes tell that lady to call 3 men uncles when one was really checking her out ..?? The success in which we handle them will depend on the state of our heart. Fortunately for me listening to Tony Robbins makes me want to hurt someone, so I’m unlikely to ever buy into that crap. But hopefully this stops some of the bullshit going on in the present, and helps people get more qualified help. Even Tony recommends total immersion 1-2 times a year. Some of the life coaches (or in most cases, wannabe life coaches), seem extremely upset that anyone would ever question their unregulated industry and it’s defacto God father. I'm amazed by what he does (I recently shared how he gets 1 million visitors per month), and wanted to experience his coaching in person.A lot of my friends are big TR fans, and they all … (P.S. I didn’t see your reply to my comment as patronizing at all (I like cookies, after all :P). And in the past few years, fracking has skyrocketed. You’ll notice that I default to the feminine pronoun in nearly all of my articles, not just this one. . He’s a sociopath. This was a mediated exercise at first, then we wrote in our notebooks, about our plans to express our appreciation/gratefulness for the next year…what a selfish @$$, right? They’ll explain the importance of the skill you’re developing, hold you accountable for a few weeks, and cheer you on. We believe environmental toxicity is a global health crisis that not enough people are talking about. We both don’t have amalagams but I did eat fish (not currently) and my sister ate a lot of wild alasakan salmon. I enjoyed this article very much Jason. It can literally take years. And really glad to hear that you deal with trauma in a responsible way. For instance, breathing (generally considered a good thing) is a terrible thing to do when your head is under water. But was willing to be open minded and the blog title did its job intriguing me to read more. I didn’t even feel like you hated Robbins. I also learned to appreciate we have an individual responsibility to take things with a grain of salt and consider context for any advice given. Some of us are really meaningful and only want to make any small difference we can! I kind of just believe that the more good I put out into the world, and the more I improve people’s lives, the better my life will be. Your life will be better. However I discovered these methods often did not help people (including myself and my psychologist and psychiatrist colleagues) to feel happy and to feel good about themselves – to enjoy great relationships or to enjoy life in general. There are no quick fixes or secrets, and no coach can ever, Coaching is filled with people who fail to practice what they preach. I just wish he’d reel himself in. I will keep on writing about my experience and creating products that help with certain areas like productivity or taking charge of your life. I’m glad you’re here. Having been both immersed and embedded in the world of therapy I believe that you can be qualified and really not that good or really skilled/compassionate excellent human being and not particularly academically gifted. In the UK there’s something similar called Landmark, I’ve been to one evening event and realised that 2 hours was already enough. WOW! Humans will ultimately fail if judged, because we are looking for something to judge them upon. For some reason I never watched the documentary and have always shied away from actually buying into his stuff, despite hearing great things from his fans. Please log in again. So… again…. The really tricky part of this discussion (as you accurately mention) is how much good advice and motivation disseminated through the self-help industry is sprinkled like fairy dust amongst the bullshit. Google “meth lab and mercury” and you’ll see why we decided this had to be the cause. Clearly you’ve had a few. Yes, you can change your brain once you know how it works and learn what is holding the behavior/feeling in place. Your health is the foundation of your life. Gives the rest of us a bad rap when all we have ever wanted to do with our lives is help others. This is very well written. Deliver the help you promise, never guarantee results, and focus specifically on whatever areas you specialize with (generally a topic the coach jas either received special education in or extensive experience with). I’m okay with it. Very thought-provoking article! The “education system” what we have in place in the US is mediocre at best, but we have some outstanding teaches in the midst of the system. ), but I don’t want to be in the same box as these people. Ethical?” You’ll have to come to your own conclusions on those questions, but I think it’s a bit dangerous to dismiss them. I’ve never been a fan of NLP as I find it “creepy’…firewalking does not really have any lasting effects on self-development and self-esteem….but it can be a “cool gimmick”. The term is brain washed. But is it wrong for me to critique an industry that I also work in? I plan on working hard and making 2017 the best year yet! I have heard of him (and countless like him) encouraging people to spend money that they dont have as long as the coach is the recipient. As not all coaches outside Robbins and your friend are women but rather a women and men i believe a more appropriate way to address this would be using “they”. I grew up in a pentecostal church and his methods are so similar that it really gives me a bad taste in my mouth. It must have greatly interrupted my pattern. Tony often mentions the Achievers Curse is a focus on what you don’t have or what you’re not…I think that is spot on. Reading about the things he did (making the woman break up with her partner…) just makes me so glad I stayed away. So many lifestyle choices, especially medical related decisions that we fall victim to time and time again! Oh and the one who had to roar like a lion . Like anything else, there are good aspects and bad. Its the classic Wolf … Without going into too many details, I have been in a rut for a while and I know from experience (or from spending too much time on the Internet) how when you’re in a rut, life coaches and professional development gurus and self-help books seem to just find you. Torsten. I want them out in the world being happy and successful as quickly as possible. Something about how Tony writes and how successful he is made me think it might just work. if it does i dont care. Having said that I’m glad I went and recommend many do so. You’ll yo-yo on and off your diet. In fact, coaching can be an amazing medium for learning discrete skills like: overcoming anxiety, negotiation, public speaking, self-love, sales, confidence, charisma, etc. Working through all that stuff on our paths to being better? It really is a bit of a sugar high. Let me explain why. | Mobility Mastery, http://www.conservationmagazine.org/2016/07/pigeons-may-help-track-childrens-risk-lead-poisoning/, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3745608/. You’ve really done a service by exposing the b.s. This is how life works. The call is from the person of your dreams and they are in California. Fun times. Trust yourself Jason… you have only scratched the surface of all that will come out with this. You fixed the NLP typo? Wow. Maybe some coaches even get to sit down and have a think about how they practice their trade. It’s not just a light thing to “play” with. Even the language, “I teach people to live a life that cancer hates.” Brilliant! I loved the first half of the documentary, but as soon as he pulled that shit with getting that woman to dump her boyfriend, confronting the suicidal guy, and massively profiting from that horribly abused woman’s confessional, my attitude completely changed. While I wish every one well, I also wish TR and this like to leave it to the better qualified to deal with people. Mark – I totally understand why you feel that way. Meanwhile we all forget that people have been working on human difficulties for eons — See the writings of philosophers from all over the world back to the dawn of Chinese culture, and the Greek philosophers — And see the use of fictional Literature just prior to the development of “modern” psychology by Janet, Freud and his followers and critics. I decided that I want loving memories for the time that I still have with her. I would also have your water tested. What a waste. I totally agree personal development can become deeply destructive, especially when done by con artists, who don’t even have a degree or years of training. You raise some good points, but I want to inquire about a contradiction. Just a quick note – it’s been called to my attention that my response here seems patronizing and as I re-read it, I understand how it can be seem that way. We reported his levels to the state too, becoming the first citizens in Colorado history to self-report their mercury levels and ask for an invesitgation. It was a great read. The formulaic stuff is a money spinner for sure and enticing people to spend money when they have none in order to be better at manifesting money is a lie! Why did you feel the need to convince us that his priming is actually stage fright? Thank you for writing this Jason! As an employee the workplace goals and priorities prefer money before effect, and as an independent psychologist it has been impossible for me, to attract clients, without the use of marketing tricks and subtle manipulations (much like this fine Article could be categorized as), so although I agree with almost everything you have written, it just seems that using the retoric of the BS coaches you have written about, is the way to make a living as a psychologist. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s expensive but was well worth it. Hey Jane! And yes, we usually have to pay for improvement – of any kind, regardless if that help is ‘traditional’ or in the ways of Tony (or others). We are all welcomed to our opinion and this is simply mines. Now what the fuck happened? Many enjoy the experience and gain a few tidbits. He talked him through it and he had him do an NLP technique where he ‘pulled’ positive memories into his body and created positive future events. Also agree with a few others here that a number of comments from Jason about Tony were not relevant and clearly his own “stuff” and that said many needed and well mentioned things in this post that have connected with the pain and experiences of so many others including myself. Whether it’s “business”, “management” or anything personal. Snake oil salesmen have hurt and damaged people throughout history. I’ve never felt drawn to attend, listen to or read any of Tony Robbins material, something just didn’t feel right for me and yet I have friends who loved it all, although now a few years later they say they wouldn’t do it again. I am 100% with you. Well written! I’ve avoided using CFL lightbulbs due to them containing mercury (ironic, right?). It’s like a blind spot was created rather than removed. Your “tricky question” is to set a statement which most people can relate to as most people have tried personal development and have failed in some way or another. The part of that film that scared me was when his moterators came back with details on people from the small group break outs. Why do some things work with some people, and not at all with others? Just because they’re degreed, as you imply elsewhere, doesn’t mean they know much about trauma at all. The journey continues…. matter very little in comparison with the work by the client and with the therapeutic relationship. I’m honored that you feel I’m different than a lot of fake voices on the internet. I completely aggress with you: you do have everything you need to make yourself better. At best it can be exceptionally useful in health, education, business and sport. There is a huge cement plant in Lyons, just a few miles away. I’m glad you think that there is no need to deal with more suffering than is absolutely necessary. That’s exactly what you’re doing. The speaker proceeds to tell her dark secret. I could tell that a lot of the ideas were taken from Buddhism, NLP, existentialism and so on. (Don’t they want to know?! Yes, a lot of coaches claim to be able to help you. Hey Jay! I have personally sat and watched his videos and was amazed at the way he thinks about life. He does use the principles of NAC (Neuro associative conditioning) to help people rewire their brain. There will always be an obstacle, hurdle, difficult person/situation in our lives. Give me a break. Well I guess it is as from a truly scientific point of view it has not been proven nor disproven. I realized something simple: therapists are better equipped to do the work that I was doing than I am. lets talk about jack canfield. But as I didn’t have a full therapeutic qualification, the course wasn’t open to me, yet IEMT was (warning sign no 1!). I enjoyed the cookie comment and that you thought about her point and agreed. like finance. In trying to become successful and build a client base, I have become increasingly disturbed by the number of “free” facebook webinars by coaches that go on to sell packages for thousands of pounds. Robbins basically sells his personality and world view. I’m still a fan. Of course, there has to be a starting point but then you have to choose your “new” life every day. Across the entire blog I default to the female pronoun (unless I’m speaking directly about men).

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