Manu-smriti, (Sanskrit: “Laws of Manu” or “The Remembered Tradition of Manu”) also called Manava-dharma-shastra (“The Dharma Text of Manu”), traditionally the most authoritative of the books of the Hindu code (Dharma-shastra) in India. Before the marriage date, both the parties spend a lot of time in preparation and exchange of gifts. Be as a queen with your husband’s family. Their marriage is a most poetic conception. ", Bride: “My mind will move with your mind in love, like water flowing on the path of life. Let us look at the Vedic wedding. Marriage among the Hindus is obligatory because the Vedas ordain that a Hindu should perform his Dharma along with his wife. In a marriage, Agni is invoked and the couple goes around the fire by the man holding the hand of the woman. The Vedas are the … The roots of this tradition are found in hymn 10.85 of the Rigveda, which is also called the "Rigvedic wedding hymn". 115-117,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 14:05. 1 (January–February 1978), pp. Brahma marriage has the most supreme position of the eight types of Hindu matrimony. [3][4], The Arya Samaj movement popularized the term Vedic wedding among the Hindu expatriates during the colonial era. May I also be in my new home. This is reviled by Sunnis and it is minor differences like these which produce sectarianism. The couple chants together: “We take the first step for nourishment.". The Vedas affirm that a person, after the completion of his student life, should enter the second stage of life. Prashasta Forms of Marriage Rite of Brahmana ( Brahma ): In this form of marriage, the father of the bride choses a man learned in the Vedas and known for his good conduct, and gives his daughter in marriage to him after decking her with jewels and … The couple faces the fire with the groom standing behind the bride, reaching out in front to cup her palms in his. The third hymn is a mutual marriage pledge, between the bride and groom, by which the two bind themselves to each other. They are revered as primitive pair from whom the rest of the Vedic gods sprung. the taking of a wife to carry out the sacred duties of life. Let us grow old together, as lovers, as friends, as guides. 1-25, A. N. Raina (1978), A Shortened Arya-Hindu Vedic Wedding and Initiation Ritual by Suniti Kumar Chatterji, Indian Literature, Vol. It reveals the beauty of the ceremony. You come to me with love, and that is love’s doing. The Muslim marriage ceremony has no romance about it. Incredible offer Buy Full 4 Veda CDs. Bride: “I respect you with all my mind and all my heart, I respect your soul with mine. Be with me and let’s together build the ideal home. It is the pledge made by the bride just before the words “till death do us part". Also Read | Aakar Patel’s previous Lounge columns. 21, No. The Bengali purohit meant to preside over my marriage declined, quite rightly, because as a peasant I was a different caste from the kulin Kayastha bride. Love is giver, receiver, an inexhaustible ocean. The bride is blessed by the presence of divinity.". Marriage is sacrosanct, for the Hindus believe that marriage is not only a means of continuing the family but also a way of repaying one's debt to the ancestors. May the universe’s powers bless us and the holy waters unite us. BOOK XIV HYMN I On the Bridal of SÅ«ryā, marriage ceremonies in general. 56, No. The Rig Veda, or “Divine Hymns”, is the oldest and most important of the Vedas. The Earth is my mother, The oldest of the texts is the Rig Veda, and while it is not possible to establis… One line was excised from this in modern times. 1/4 (1975), pp. Concept of Marriage in Rig Veda was based on eight different forms of wedding where the bride and the groom followed different rituals and got united in the holy bond. MARRIAGE CEREMONY MANTRA IN RIG VEDA (Post N.7574) Complied London Swaminathan Post No.7574 Date uploaded in London – 14 February 2020 Contact – Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog. Let’s see if it does. In fact, there are several verses in Maṇḍala X of Rig Veda on this subject. There are many such examples and it is not possible to mention all of them. ", The purohit tells the bride: “As Sachi to Indra, as Svaha to Agni, as Rohini to Chandra, as Damayanti to Nala, as Bhadra to Vivasyat, as Arundhati to Vashishth, as Lakshmi to Vishnu, may you be to your husband. Such a marriage may happen either with (daiva) or without consent (asura), but the relationship is always between a man and woman, never between people of the same-sex. The Samhita of the Rig Veda has fortunately preserved one particular hymn 10-85 … Indra and Agni feature as particular favourites in the hymns, but 31 other gods are also mentioned. I hope our words delight one another. Our Vedas permitted live-in relationships The ancient texts also recognised that humans are not monogamous by nature and that sex is an inevitable requirement for all beings. On the marriage day, the bride and the bridegroom and relations on both sides assemble in a public auditorium or a temple premises, or in the house of the bride's parents … From the outside, it appears a more natural exchange than dowry, because it is the woman who will perform service—sexual, domestic and maternal. Does the ceremony do this? Technically, child marriage is illegal in India. -The Atharva Veda----- “One should, perform karma with nonchalance without expecting the benefits because sooner of later one shall definitely gets the fruits. This helpmate is expected not only to run his household but assist him in the practice of the Vedic dharma. You are now subscribed to our newsletters. Hymns of the Atharva Veda, by Ralph T.H. p. 129. ", The groom replies with these words: “Who is giving to whom? A Brahma marriage is where a boy is able to get married once he has completed his student hood, or Brahmacharya. A law passed in 1929, the government passed a law banning the practice, and it was updated again … [1][2] The roots of this tradition are found in hymn 10.85 of the Rigveda, which is also called the "Rigvedic wedding hymn". When a man and a woman of pure conduct, bound by mutual love, consummate their marriage, all elements like form, etc., get totally absorbed in the fire of their union. What could account for this lovely line’s omission? These mantras are mostly from Section 10.85. We are familiar with the Christian wedding and its vows because of cinema and our familiarity with English. However, this exchange between groom and bride is quite recent when compared with the Vedic ceremony. In love, may we see a hundred autumns, live a hundred autumns and hear a hundred autumns. [To sum up and further explain] the three objectives of a samskara of so elevated a character as marriage. It was written by Purushottama Lal with help from scholar Suniti Kumar Chatterji. Centuries ago, civilized societies recognized and acknowledged the most basic instincts of all – i.e., the need for companionship – and founded an honourable institution known as marriage. Vedic rituals recognize the marriage of equals. Even the Asuras (demons), who break all the rules, do not participate in same-sex relationships. The best book on this was published by Kolkata’s Writers Workshop. Buxom is of course full-breasted, while bonny means beautiful, attractive. Brahma marriage - The Brahma marriage is the marriage of one's daughter to a man of good conduct learned in the Vedas, and invited by oneself. Over a thousand hymns are set into ten mandalas, or circles, of which it is believed the second through the seventh are the oldest and the tenth is the most recent. Puranas inform us of Marisha who marries ten Pracheta brothers. Let us work together as two friends, seekers of the same goal. ”-The Rig Veda ----- On this Earth do I stand, Unvanquished, unslain, unhurt. ", Purohit: “May you be as steadfast to your family as the Pole Star is to the earth.". Bride: “May my husband live a hundred years, and my people prosper. Shanti, shanti, shanti.". The couple then receive each other with these words. ", Purohit: “May this ceremony be blessed by God. The Vedas consider vivaha or marriage as one of the important ‘Sarira Samskaras’ or sacraments sanctifying the body Hence, their was the Vedic injunction that every Hindu should pass through the sacrament of marriage at the proper age. The ancient Indian Vedic scriptures are the greatest heritage of India. They ‘promote happiness and lavish gifts upon their worshippers’. Join Mint channel in your Telegram and stay updated with the latest business news. Please turn it off in order to continue, or whitelist Mint, Meeting of minds: The Vedic wedding rituals did not place the bride in a position subordinate to the groom. Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan. From a later verse in the same chapter, Shias have legitimized an interesting phenomenon called Muta, or temporary marriage. Griffith, [1895], at Log in to our website to save your bookmarks. Not much is known about the authors of the Vedas, as the focus is placed on the ideas found in Vedic tradition rather than those who originated the ideas. This is the Grihastha, or life of a householder. You seem to have an Ad Blocker on. Then follows the ritual we associate most with the Vedic marriage, the seven steps of the Saptapadi. The man, karta, giving the bride away then welcomes the groom, who replies: “I am honoured (aham ase). Sulabha was an authority on the Vedas and entered into Vedic arguments with King Janaka (Janaka is like a title and there are known to be 19 such with the father of Goddess Sita being one of them). Vedas, meaning “knowledge,” were written in Vedic Sanskrit between 1500 and 500 BCE in the northwestern region the Indian Subcontinent. After marriage the girl can attend and address Vidhata (assembly regarding religious and spiritual matters) and Sabha (assembly regarding social, economics and political matters) and should conduct as per Rta (cosmic Laws of necessity) and Dharma (Rig Veda 10-85-26 to 42 and 47). The Sanskrit word svairini refers to an independent or liberated woman who has refused a husband, earns her own livelihood, and lives either alone or … A to Z of What the Bhagavad Gita Says About Marriage explained in words everyone can easily understand and fathom. One thing is striking in the exchange: This is a marriage of equals. My life is linked with yours, my mind with yours and my vows with your vows. A) Rigveda (10/85/13) declares, “On the occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.” Fact: The mantra states that in winter, the rays of sun get weakened and then get strong again in spring.The word used for sun-rays in ‘Go’ which also means cow and hence the mantra can also be translated by making ‘cow’ and not ‘sun-rays’ as the subject. In the Aitareya Brahmana (4-27) the marriage of Heaven and Earth is mentioned: The Muslim marriage is contractual, and it wouldn’t be incorrect to call it a transaction. More than the conjugal relationship in re-marriages, Vedas ensure the safety of women. Inside the same as outside, and outside the same inside. Vedic wedding ceremony is the traditional Indian Hindu wedding that includes Vedic yajna – rituals around agni, particularly the seven vows before the fire, with the hymns from the Vedas. Even married women were known to be acknowledged authorities on the Vedas. They chant together: “With these seven steps I am your friend, may I deserve your friendship and may it make me one with you, loved and loving, sakha-sakhi. Click here to read the Mint ePaperMint is now on Telegram. ", Bride: (facing Dhruv, the Pole Star): “You are forever stable. They continue in this manner, taking the second step for success, the third for loyalty, the fourth for bliss, the fifth for the good of all animals, the sixth for prosperity, the seventh for illumination. Your mind and my mind, also one. The unique thing about the transaction is that it is reversed. 4655 or earlier. This absorption creates an intoxicating light radiating from them. ", Groom: “I respect you similarly in the presence of all. The Vedas recognize the marriage between a man and a woman only. The general themes of this work are the praising of the gods, and requests for worldly benefits such as wealth, health, longevity, protection, and victory. It'll just take a moment. 2.0 What the Vedas say about marriage. this is the illustration of what is the vedic take on marriage and resposibility this can also be applied to homosexuality because vedas never differentiated between people born homosexual so there is nothing against them in that. Send your feedback to A woman may ask for as much money as she wishes. Your heart, my will—may they be one. May divinity unite us. The mantras for this ceremony come mostly from the ṛks housed in the tenth mandala of the Rg Veda, where SÅ«rya, the daughter of the sun god, is given in marriage to a bridegroom by the name of Soma. The first is to unite a man with a helpmate after he has completed the study of Vedas. Aakar Patel is a director with Hill Road Media. She promises her groom she will remain “bonny and buxom in bed and board". The wedding begins with the purohit addressing the gathered: “Say these words to bless the wedding: ‘May all be holy (Om punyaham), may all be successful (Om riddhim), may all be well (Om svasti).’". There is also no reference to caste, other than of course the word “purohit", which can only refer to a Brahmin. Set me, O Earth, amidst the nourishing strength That emanates from thy body. I am quite certain this would have been a problem even when this ceremony was first performed. The marriage itself is conducted by the girl’s guardian with or without her consent, though it is not valid unless she later consents. Though child marriage or Bal-Vivaha was not widespread or rather very rare in the Indian culture but, according to Manu Smiriti, the Vedic law of all social classes, there existed eight main forms of marriages in ancient India. These sacred texts were not preached by any single Messiah but evolved over a period of time – a sort of a culmination of the wisdom of several saints. Vedic wedding ceremony is the traditional North Indian Hindu wedding that includes Vedic yajna – rituals around agni, particularly the seven vows before the fire, with the hymns from the Vedas. The marriage ceremonies are called Vaidika ceremonies as they follow the Vedic Scripture. Most of us are married under a Vedic ceremony we don’t really understand. This is followed by the Kushandika, the fire ritual. [5], Erika Buckley (2006), A Cross-Cultural Study of Weddings through Media and Ritual: Analyzing Indian and North American Weddings, McNair Scholars Journal, Volume 10, Issue 1, page 14, R. N. Dandekar (1975), A DECADE OF VEDIC STUDIES IN INDIA AND ABROAD, Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Vol. The Vedas state this explicitly. ", The bride replies: “May the path of my husband be spontaneous, and I shall walk on it with pleasure.". ", The couple then hold hands, and the groom says: “I hold your hand happily, for I am your husband. The guests respond: “Om punyaham, Om riddhyatam, Om svasti". In case you can’t find any email from our side, please check the spam folder. Rig-Veda says, “Wife is verily a home” (1-66-5, 1-77-3 and 3-54-4). It is love that gives to love. Share this Article : The concept of marriage in Rig Veda denotes a holy union and sacred bond, i.e. Lal said his intention was to “present the essentials of the Hindu wedding, shorn of the excessive ritualisation that has crept into it as a result of regional variations and commercial considerations". Your session has expired, please login again. They are described in the Vedas as ‘wise, great and energetic’. What is in my heart, may it be in yours, tied in the knot of truth. The woman must compulsorily be paid a gift of cash by the man, following the instruction in verse 4 of the Quran’s chapter “Women". Most of us are married under a Vedic ceremony we don’t really understand. Atharva Veda describes the marriage of a woman called Surya to two gods, the Ashvins. Our religion and culture are rooted in the Vedas composed around 1500 B.C. Possibly feminism. 1 Truth is the base that bears the earth; by SÅ«rya are the heavens upheld. The Vedas were transmitted orally during the course of numerous subsequent generations before finally being archived in written form. The last four forms of marriage were known as Aprashasta forms, and all were regarded as undesirable, for reasons that will become clear. ", Purohit: “Witness this bride and bless her. Vedas in English Vedas in Sanskrit. The text does not excessively put the bride in a subordinate position. ", Facing the couple he says: “May you always follow the principles of dharma, artha and kama (morality, economics and sexual pleasure). May she be happy in love. Copyright © HT Digital Streams Limited All rights reserved. Such beauty and polish is not to be found in any other marriage anywhere in the world, even if we didn’t realize it at the time. More on bhagavad gita and marriage - bhagavad gita and marriage can be found at : Bhagavad Gita Hinduism...Vijay Kumar - 6 Mar 2011. The Vedic ideal of marriage, according to Abhinash Chandra Bose (The Call of the Vedas, page 259, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1970) “is that of perfect monogomy, the life-long companionship of two people. In arranged marriages the marriage is consummated through elaborate ceremonies presided over by a Vedic priest well versed in Vedic mantras. We are familiar with the Christian wedding and its vows because of cinema and our familiarity with English. Photo by Divya Babu/Mint. Veda mantras or sacred hymns play a key role in every step of the traditional Hindu marriage. The marriage date is fixed after consulting the astrological charts and then invitations are sent. Lal hoped his booklet would “serve the idealism and sacred bonding needs of all who feel that such a text restores to the ceremony the auspiciousness and sanctity that mechanical performance has deprived it of in modern times". And yet to think that this was how Indians were married a thousand years before Athens, founding city of civilization, became a power is humbling.

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