Red Delicious. Meet the world’s favorite snacking apple. The subject of this post might seem a bit strange to you: Aren’t the best apples to eat out of hand just the ones you like the taste of? 10. The apple is grown in the state of Washington and is rapidly becoming a favorite there. Renowned for its crunchy texture and mildly sweet flavor, this tasty apple shines in cool, crisp salads. Apple recently inaugurated its first official store in the Middle East, and also its biggest store around the world. The store is located in Mall of Emirates and is the first one in the UAE. Apples are ripening on their normal schedule this year. Apple varieties Alphabetical Chart - which apple to pick and why! While that’s true, if you’re looking to branch out of your regular rotation of apples, here’s a list of other delicious varieties you can try! The heart-shaped Red Delicious features a bright red and sometimes striped skin. Best enjoyed: You can eat Opal apples raw or cooked, but perhaps the most significant selling point of this apple is that it doesn’t brown quickly after slicing. 12. This being the case, there are many ways to rank them: In 2014, for example, Lifehacker reported on a study that ranked apples based on their antioxidant levels (Red Delicious came in first). Apples are a popular crop in the Northeast, but there are more than 7,000 known varieties of apples in the world, which is an astonishing amount of diversity. Apple Store in UAE. The Red Delicious apple variety is the most common variety around the world. A bottle of champagne is the secret to this moist turkey stuffed with Cortland—This is a sweet apple. It has an extra white flesh and makes a good dessert apple. There have been few late frosts in the main apple growing regions, rain and temperatures have been good, so the year is shaping up well for a good apple crop. But here’s the thing: There are 7,500 different types of apples grown throughout the world, and each one has a different chemical makeup. Today, more than 7,500 growers are producing apples in all 50 states (according to the U.S. Apple Association). Jesse Hiatt discovered it … Top Ten Awe-Inspiring Apple Stores in The World #1. The first apple orchard in the U.S. was planted in 1625 near Boston's Beacon Hill. A youthful apple like the Opal, Jazz was cultivated 20 years ago in New Zealand by crossbreeding a Royal Gala with a Braeburn. The most common apple varieties in the world are the Red Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, Golden delicious, Lady, Baldwin, McIntosh, Honey crisp, Fuji, and Cortland. Jazz. Image Credit: It is said to have a wonderful taste and isn't easy to find everywhere.

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