Wetland Status. the flowers are 25-30cm (10-12") in length, Hybrid alternifolia Unique 'PMOORE12' EU2015/1030, Propagation for resale is illegal without a licence from the agent. © Bred by Peter Moore of Longstock Gardens. Noteworthy Characteristics Buddleja alternifolia is a deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub or small single trunk tree which typically grows 8-15' tall (infrequently to 20' as a tree) with arching, drooping, willow … Unique has sterile, lightly scented flowers, which attract bees and butterflies. You will find it in the category Garden Plants Its … Charles Carr, B. x alternifolia Unique in my garden 2015 Få vores seneste nyheder & tilbud. K Rokli 299, Kamenné Žehrovice 27301. An unusual shrub native to parts of China, Buddleja alternifolia has elegant, arching branches covered with masses of fragrant, lilac flowers in early to mid summer.The leaves are ornamental in their own … Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline and may vary according to local conditions. And to give 10% of the royalty to charity. Fast growing and cold hardy, award-winning Buddleja alternifolia (Butterfly Bush) is a gorgeous, deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub that can be trained as a small weeping tree. The Buddleia alternifolia 'Unique' is a new variety that has many of the best buddleia attributes combined into one unique plant. Store Address. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Buddleja alternifolia is a fast growing, deciduous, bushy shrub with a spreading habit. Website by FHOKE, Propagation for resale is illegal without a licence from the Agent. When several references are cited, they may … Main photographers Richard Loader and Peter Moore, B. x alternifolia Unique 2 year old plant in a pot zone 5-9 dwarf shrub - grows to 4 feet tall - features fragrant lilac-purple flowers in early summer to fall - … A B. x alternifolia hybrid flowering on the current year’s wood and flowering continuously for four to five months, and even better the flowers had no pollen. Buddleja History and Origin: Buddleja is a genus of 140 species within the Buddlejaceae family, native to Asia, Africa and America. Kontakt. It is often pruned to a single trunk to make the most of the graceful arching stems giving the plant a weeping look, … Should I … Details B. alternifolia is a vigorous large deciduous shrub which can be trained into a small tree, with arching branches bearing narrow, grey-green leaves and sweetly scented lilac-purple flowers, borne in … Support the Horticulture Trade, listing stockists for retail and wholesale. Species: Buddleja alternifolia; Distribution Table Top of page. I am a loyal Wayside customer. alternifolia Unique Argus® White Buzz™ Hot Raspberry CranRazz Dreaming Lavender Dreaming Orange Dreaming Purple … 48 Park Avenue, East 21st Street, Apt. Tissue culture from Plantipp/Concept Plants, The Gatekeeper butterfly in my garden 8th July 2018. I was somewhat surprised when in 2009 in a batch of B. alternifolia hybrid seedlings, one plant looked total different to anything I have raised before or ever seen. I was somewhat surprised when in 2009 in a batch of B. alternifolia hybrid seedlings, one plant looked total different … This is the first hybrid of the weeping Buddleja alternifolia. The pastel lilac-purple … This plant has no children Legal Status. Il s'agit en quelque sorte d'un modèle réduit du buddleia alternifolia… Compact, légèrement pleureur, extrêmement florifère, il est doté d'un feuillage argenté et d'une floraison entre le … Related Links. La Buddleja alternifolia, o como se conoce popularmente, Arbusto Mariposa, es un arbusto magnífico de crecimiento rápido y resistente al frío, bastante distinguido, caducifolio y de tallo múltiple que se … 304 London NY 10016. I received a buddleja alternifolia Unique from Crocus today. høj. Buddleja alternifolia Maxim. More Accounts and Images; ARS … Buddleja alternifolia, found wild in Chinese hedgerows, is different to the more familiar Buddleja davidii. Grow it in patio containers or planted in sunny borders where it’s … Discovered in 2009 in a batch of B. alternifolia hybrid seedlings by Peter Moore. Unique is indeed like a fountain of flowers! Buddleja 'Unique '* is, well, unique. Cuttings were propagated and grown on at Lowaters Nursery and trial samples sent to Plantipp BV in Holland and Pat Fitzgerald in Ireland to go into tissue culture. Clear and honest descriptions, photos that are true to colour and habit. Lilac flowers in early summer through to October, Remove dead flowers to stimulate re flowering. Like all Butterfly Bushes, it is a magnet for bees and butterflies. You can find Buddleja alternifolia Unique - Buddleia Butterfly Bush on our partner's website Gardening Express. Du kan framelde … It’s hard to walk by a railway line in Britain and not see Buddleja… Learn more. I have shopped with the company for years and have always been satisfied with my … Unique … They offer unique items not available at local garden centers. Description Alternate-leaf Butterfly Bush is easy to distinguish from other Buddleja's because its leaves are alternate instead of opposite. Bladene er små og … It features gracefully … Since 1982 I have made hundreds of Buddleja crosses, the majority rejected within eighteen months. The bush has a profusion of small sterile flowers that smell delicious and attract bees and butterflies. Buddleja Alternifolia ‘Unique’ Busken har en opret og tæt vækst, og en højde på 1 meter. I was somewhat surprised, taken aback, when in 2009 in a batch of B. x alternifolia hybrid seedlings one plant looked totally different to anything I had raised before or ever seen. Plant in full sun to light shade and prefers loose, organic-rich soil. 'Unique' makes a compact plant, no more than 1m (3ft) tall, its prolific clusters of lilac-purple flowers opening … This is a compact not a dwarf plant if grown in a pot, however, planted in a garden will reach 2m if not pruned. The name was given by Carl Linnaeus, Swedish botanist in honour of Adam … The pastel lilac-purple colour makes a great combination with its fine, silvery green foliage. Buddleja x alternifolia 'Unique' is ideally proportioned for smaller gardens. Le Buddleia alternifolia Unique est un nouveau venu dans le monde des arbres à papillons, doté d'un port très compact et d'une belle floribondité. Den har små runde, velduftende blomster, med smukke blålilla farver, fra juni til september. During … Tento druh má přízvisko střídavolistá a jedná se o … Buddleja alternifolia blomstrer på forrigeårsskud. Info on your website states to prune in March, the plant breeder's website states to prune hard to 30 cms in mid March. flowers for four months, Buddeja x alternifolia Unique Penstemon Purple Perfection alternifolia Unique Since 1982 I have made hundreds of Buddleja crosses, the majority rejected within eighteen months. Buddleja alternifolia is also called ‘Fountain Butterfly Bush’. Buddleja x alternifolia Unique Since 1982 I have made hundreds of Buddleja crosses, the majority rejected within eighteen months. Mobilní telefon: +420 737 203 730 prodejna +420 737 203 731 e-shop expedice +420 733 185 423 květiny, zahradnické potřeby Charles Carr, Eventual height: 2m if pruned less in a pot, Flowering: Very floriferous.

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