From cocktail shrimp to sushi, seafood is a healthy, easy way to dress up game day. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Find yourself in a snacking mood? Also would make a great low carb appetizer. Bacon & Poblano Hot Crab Dip Goat Cheese & Bacon Jalapeno Poppers Scotch Eggs Buffalo Chicken Meat Balls Cheesy Spinach Puffs Chicken & Zucchini Bites Bacon & Roasted… thanksgiving+favors+ideas | Cheese platter for thanksgiving!!! Having trouble in deciding what kind of appetizer to make for your family? Awesome for the picky eaters! Now, you can enjoy them too, by making this Keto Buffalo wings recipe. Not only is it possible with this keto garlic chia crackers recipe, it's easy. Gone are the heavy dense potato blobs and in their place are flavorful, tender broccoli balls with a tangy Keto-friendly ranch dressing. From dips to desserts, you'll be amazed at how often this purple plant pops up in your cooking! That’s why we highly encourage you to eat more vegetables. It's especially delicious when you're out by the pool (or the beach!). Did you know shrimp is a fantastic low-carb option for your ketogenic diet? I typically adorn with salami but thought pepperoni…. Jun 26, 2019 - Explore Patti Webber's board "Keto Hors d'oeuvres" on Pinterest. Get a taste of summer any time of year with this refreshing keto salad recipe with lemon and strawberries, without forgetting to add some low-carb green vegetables to it. Inspired by Pure Ella. Check out this guide to help you make low carb freezer meals easy, simple, and fast. But what can you do when chickpeas are a no-go on keto? No penalties here, just add your favorite beverages. Focus on low-carb crackers and toast while indulging in rich, tangy sauces to bring out the very best in your Keto appetizers. There is something inherently fun about finger foods and bite sized savory morsels. Even with so many people following a ketogenic diet, staying on-track at parties and during holidays can be tough. This selection of recipes includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even appetizer options. share. The problem with these zucchini bacon bites is that they are going to fly off the plate before you get to try them yourself! Nov 2, 2020 - Explore Jennifer Floyd's board "Keto hors d'oeuvres", followed by 210 people on Pinterest. This keto pepperoni chips recipe will satisfy your salty cravings with a crispy crunchy snack! This Keto-friendly recipe is way better than your ordinary Philly roll! Jun 16, 2020 - Explore Lynn Gard Price's board "Keto Snacks, hors d'oeuvres" on Pinterest. Crackers on a ketogenic diet? These distinctively flavored meatballs would be a welcome addition to any game day feast or neighborhood potluck. And bonus: They don't require a lot of time to prep or cook. So hectic that this weeks Friday Night Bites is actually appearing on Friday. Perfect for a quick keto-friendly protein fix! 30 recipes you'll love and can eat guilt-free with family. This keto waldorf salad offers a safe way to indulge without challenging your diet. Enjoy it as a quick and easy side salad to accompany your steak. It’s not only a unique twist on bruschetta, but is great for you, full of flavor, and could easily become a new family favorite. Whether it's the traditional roast lamb or all those hard-boiled eggs, many Easter dishes seem purpose-made for Keto. Keto breads and low carb crackers are also nice to snack on while waiting for the big meal to arrive. Serve it with tortilla chips for non-keto guests, and with bell peppers, zucchini chips, or low carb chips for a keto friendly option. I’ve put together a list of 31 Keto Easter recipes that will satisfy any bunny’s sweet tooth, such as delicious low carb hot cross buns and Easter Egg Cookie Dough Fat Bombs. I need to bring some keto friendly snacks so I can avoid all of the super high carb stuff that will be there. Particularly cucumbers! (Even if they are cooked in delicious fats!) Or you can also try other crunchy keto snacks from this 32 keto chip recipes list perfect for cravings. It also offers a lot of lean protein that doesn’t skimp on flavor. These delicious snacks will accompany any great Super Bowl party! That’s right. Whether you're entertaining guests or you want a tasty snack, this keto buffalo cauliflower bites recipe takes this veggie to the next level. If you purchase anything through a link on this website, you should assume that we have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that we will be paid in some way. What an incredibly busy week. We recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything. You don’t have to be a kid to love this childhood classic. Canapés are those tiny, pretty finger foods that kickstart many multi-course meals. No matter which side you're rooting for on Sunday, you can't watch the Super Bowl without snacks! These tomato, avocado and salami bites are the perfect low carb and Paleo snack. Imagination is your only limitation so keep reading for scores of tempting low-carb, high-fat Keto appetizers. With their high fat and protein content (plus the fact they’re carbohydrate-free) - Pork rinds are a natural fit for keto macros. The facts presented are offered as information only - not medical advice - and in no way should anyone infer that we or anyone appearing in any content on this website are practicing medicine. [Request] Your favorite Keto hors-d'oeuvres I'm having an ugly sweater party later this month, and I always love making tons of food for my parties. You'll go nuts for this keto-friendly Hawaiian hummus recipe. This keto curried eggs recipe is so quick to prepare! Heat a medium skillet with oil and sweat finely minced shallots until translucent, stirring frequently, about 5-7 … Pair it with your favorite grilled meats like grilled chicken, hotdogs and hamburgers. But, with just a little bit more time and effort, you can really elevate the flavor of a simple bean with this paprika lime coating, turning it into a delicious crunchy fry!. There's no reason you should miss out on delicious game night snacks on Keto. 9. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus - Just 2 simple ingredients for a healthy low carb appetizer that everyone will love. Canapés are named for the French word for sofa since the appetizer filling often sits on crackers much like you’d sit on a couch. Not only have I come up with workarounds to make these chips keto, but I listed several different ways for you to cook them, depending on what equipment you have in your kitchen. She loves design, photography, drawing and, of course, cooking. Eggs are a great Keto food – nutritious, high in healthy fat, and pretty much zero carbs. It's about time. Canapés and One-Bite Meals Canapés are those tiny, pretty finger foods that kickstart many multi-course meals. Take scallops and wrap with bacon and bake till done. Discover hors d'oeuvres and hot appetizers that will be perfect your next party or holiday feast. Try this Keto sliced beef liver with Asian dip, and you are going to wonder why you have been avoiding liver this whole time. This keto garlic dip recipe is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, whether for your family or a weekend party! If you are following a Keto diet to help lose weight, then chicken wings can be a very useful option for a healthy yet surprisingly filling lunch, or even to take to work in your lunchbox. Grab a few hard-boiled eggs and you're halfway done already! It is literally impossible to resist these lip-smackin' delicious pizza bites! But I bet she would go for seconds, too, if she gave these a try. | Favors / party ideas, These Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs are going to be the talk at the Easter dinner table this year. But I just make this egg salad because it's so darn delicious! Easter is right around the corner, and we’ve rounded up our best keto recipes that are perfect for this spring holiday! Keep your ketosis going with these tasty, savoury, carb-free, keto-friendly starters that … These low carb wraps may not offer instant gratification, but they are certainly worth the effort. Keto “Potato” Salad is a wonderful side dish for grilling out with the family! It's a tempting way to encourage others to eat their veggies! Besides making some adorable little patties, this recipe also includes a Keto slider bun that is easy to make and better to eat. Most traditional canapés sit on toast so rack up some Keto bread instead. A collection of delicious Keto appetizers and hors d'oeuvres that will make you the party superhero! Here's a super easy guacamole recipe that you can use to make great tasting guacamole in less than 5 minutes. You have everything here to make your Superbowl Party complete. It's easy enough to steam, boil, bake, or grill plain veggies for a simple weeknight side dish. 32 comments. These are like little mouth explosions! It's a party favorite - and no-one will know it's 100% Keto unless you tell them! Just make sure you adjust the recipe accordingly if you're expecting a larger group. These are not your nana’s meatballs! Of course, you have to stick to low carb vegetables, but there are some great ones to choose from. When... 2. Bacon Cream Cheese Ball - It … It's a good thing this recipe makes six servings – you'll be eager to eat more! The perfect dairy-free queso! Jalapeño Poppers. Whether you're cooking up a storm for the big game or you're trying to feed hungry teenagers, this keto chicken jalapeno poppers recipe is the perfect little snack. Super Simple Keto BLT Bites. Game on! Chips are a no-go on a keto diet. By pchow98. Everyone loves spinach and artichoke dip. Get healthy recipes for Keto appetizers. See more ideas about cooking recipes, recipes, appetizer snacks. Serve them as finger food at your next party or as a simple appetizer next time you are entertaining. Easy Low Carb Rolls. This Keto toast recipe takes slightly more effort than sticking slices of store-bought white bread into a toaster but you're able to eat delicious bread that's Keto, low carb, dairy-free, and Paleo. You don’t need carbs to enjoy a delicious crunch, this list of 32 Keto Chip recipes will guarantee your snack satisfaction from morning till night. These keto friendly appetizers are great for summer appetizers, appetizers for a crowd, Christmas appetizers, Thanksgiving appetizers, New Year’s Eve appetizers and many are gluten free appetizers. Ryann is a dog mom of two, newly transplanted to LA, Bay Area native. Or are they? Here are a few healthy, low carb options to the regular part-food fare! This keto deviled eggs recipe is just the thing to jolt you out of dietary boredom. Pepperoni-Parmesan Chicken Bites -- Ready for the oven after just 15 minutes prep, this delicious appetizer recipe is sure to make your next party more delicious! Ever tried making spaghetti fritters on Keto? This Keto bone marrow recipe is easy to follow - and the end result will blow your mind. An impressive appetizer, snack or even lunch - this dish is whatever you want it to be! Missing your French fries? Cheesy Cauliflower Breadsticks - Gluten free!! Get Our Free 7-Day Keto Meal Plan, (...or Click Here to See All Keto Appetizer Recipes Below). Delicious and crunchy Keto avocado recipe with bacon. Hors d’oeuvres (pronounced “or-dervs”) are a traditional part of European cuisine. Skip the Chinese restaurant's menu with the added carbs. I’m always on the lookout for something that is simple and tasty. I call that a win. Whether served in a bowl on the table or directly onto plates, great dips bring out the best in buffet food and appetizers. As the gray dullness of winter sets in, this savory keto chicken salad recipe never fails to brighten up my outlook, along with these crunchy raw keto salad toppings. Beautifully colorful, a real standout of a dish. Pull up this basic keto guacamole recipe before your next hosting gig, or any time you want a quick snack. See more ideas about Low carb recipes, Keto diet recipes, Keto recipes easy. I tried to select options that are reminiscent of traditional Easter table dishes. With that, I bring you this keto bacon-wrapped asparagus recipe. When you’re following a Keto diet, you can dig into these fat-rich appetizers guiltlessly. Time for holiday parties and lots of finger foods. Not all cabbage soups are Keto-friendly! Here are some simple and quick appetizers that you don’t even need a recipe for: Make guacamole and have veggies and/or Bacon puffs for the keto and low carb people to dip Make jalapeno poppers with or without a wrapping of bacon. The keto diet is still riding the popularity wave, and for good reason. Keto Hummus Recipe with Cauliflower and Tahini, 31 Recipes for Keto Chips – Perfect for Cravings, 35 Keto Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Score, Keto Deconstructed Smoked Salmon Ceviche Recipe, Keto Cashew Cheese Baked Avocados with Lemon Zest [Vegetarian], 33 Keto Sauces And Dressings That Are Sure To Impress, 36 Keto Appetizers That Are Sure To Impress, Keto Spinach Artichoke Dip [Dairy-Free, Paleo], Make Ahead Healthy Keto Freezer Meals – For Keto and Low Carb Diets, Keto Shrimp and Cucumber Appetizer Recipe, Keto Jalapeno Peppers Stuffed with Cashew Cheese Recipe [Dairy-Free, Paleo, Low Carb], Spicy Seasoned Keto Zucchini Fries Recipe, Keto Paprika Lime Green Bean Fries Recipe, Keto Chicken Jalapeno Poppers Recipe [Dairy-Free, Low Carb, Paleo], Keto Chicken Lettuce Wraps Appetizer Recipe, Keto Chicken Salad Recipe with Lemon and Strawberries, Asian Keto Miso Soup Recipe (Topped with Shrimp), 26 Keto Chicken Wing Recipes Sure To Please Anyone, Keto Pork Carnitas Recipe with Lettuce Wraps, 10-Minute Keto Toast Recipe [Gluten-Free, Low-Carb], Creamy Keto Cucumber Salad Recipe [5-Min Recipe], Easy Keto Guacamole Recipe with Lime Pieces [Paleo, Keto], 5-Min Super Easy Keto Guacamole Recipe [Paleo, AIP]. Cream cheese stuffed into jalapeño peppers, then wrapped with bacon. The holiday party season is quickly approaching, and this year we encourage you to surprise your guests with a new selection of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres that will delight them with exciting flavours and vibrant colours. Mexican food is one of my favorites, but regular tortilla chips are off-limits on a keto diet. It's that time of year. 3 Types of Keto Appetizers You'll LOVE Munching On Every Day 1. 16 Best Keto And Other Diet And Nutrition Apps Is Coke Zero Okay For Keto Diet Not only is this dip nutrient-rich, but it’s also packed with fiber so this is one snack that will actually fill you up. You can stretch the definition with some mouth-watering pork rinds or some lip-smacking curried eggs. Canapés don’t need to be restricted to one-bite meals, though. Don’t worry! This ketogenic list of snacks includes the easiest, healthiest, and most delicious recipes to serve family and friends. That's why I've put together this list of 32 Keto eggplant recipes. Your traditional potato salad's got nothing on this mouthwatering Keto alternative! We've put together a list of mouthwatering Keto appetizers, each one tastier than the other. Enjoy this Keto-friendly slice of the Mediterranean life with this list of over 30 delicious Italian recipes! They are make ahead, low carb, keto and naturally gluten free. It's got some super antioxidant properties and is chock full of the nutrients you need! Try some awesome jalapeno poppers if you want to spice things up or put a slant on the ubiquitous mini-pizza with some Keto-approved zucchini fitters. Serve it as a party-time appetizer or enjoy a bigger serving for a quick and easy lunch. Shrimp cocktail makes a great appetizer as it is light and flavorful but won’t fill you up too much. Looking for variety? Here’s a full list of low-carb vegetables if you’re planning a larger party and fancy some veggie inspiration. #valentines for him lol. From one-bite snacks and first course hors d’oeuvres through to fruit and veggie or even deep-fried appetizers, you’re spoiled for Keto-friendly starters. Basic Keto Cheese Crisps Rating: Unrated 72 Delicious ketogenic snack. It's tangy, delicious, and your non-keto-eating friends and family members will never know or care that it's keto! While potatoes aren’t necessarily low carb, you don’t have to go through summer without potato salad! If life has taught us anything, it's that good food should be wrapped or smothered in even better food. Spicy Jalapeno Poppers And they're downright delicious. Add a new twist in your deviled eggs with this flavorful Keto recipe. The best part about toast is that it's the ultimate grab-and-go food. save hide report. So here is my list of Keto Chicken Wings to give you plenty of choice on flavors and seasonings so you never need to search far for new ideas! With just one meatball recipe, you can enjoy five different meals, all with completely different flavors. Planning a tasty and impressive party menu can be challenging, especially if you or your guests are on a diet. We recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything. This great keto shrimp cocktail recipe won't jeopardize your ketosis, thanks to the special keto tomato ketchup. Having company over? If you purchase anything through a link on this website, you should assume that we have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that we will be paid in some way. A delicious and unique take on the crust make them great for the game, and even better for finger food. They have the great flavor of pizza, minus the carbs! Nice, light, and tropical, this keto coconut shrimp recipe is perfect for summertime entertaining. With cooling cucumber and a little chili pepper for kick, this quick and easy starter is sure to be a hit. Or, these can be great munchies for watching a game with your friends when the big game arrives. It’s definitely a dessert I bust out to impress guests. If you’re catering for a mixed group, you might want to work some vegetables in while still keeping things tasty. Don't be surprised if this keto coleslaw tastes just like the coleslaw you're used to. There are a lot of simply tweaks that will make your mushrooms fit the occasion as a perfect appetizer, hors d’oeuvres, snack, or side dish! All recipes are low in carbohydrates and diabetic-friendly! Fortunately, this keto broccoli soup recipe with pine nuts and coconut cream is both healthy AND delicious! Mix up your favorite high fat... 3. These ULTIMATE dill tuna "sandwiches" were the besssst! If you’re not a fan of just meat wrapped on meat, have a go at these. Ingredients: Keto Pie Crust, chopped pecans, whole pecan halves, eggs, ghee, vanilla extract, salt, erythritol. Keto Pigs in a Blanket. These Keto Cheesy Pepperoni Bites are the perfect finger food served as an appetizer, hors d’oeuvres or game day snack. Tasty Keto Hors D’oeuvres. High Fiber Muffins. Find out what nutty secret ingredient is at the heart of this craveable dip! By preparing a variety of sauces, you can … The savvy people making turmeric cauliflower soup at home know a good thing when they taste it. This Keto Italian Flaxseed Recipe is chock full of flavor. Head south of the border as you enjoy this delicious Keto southwest chicken salad recipe! Whether you’re hosting a dinner for a few friends or throwing a party for a crowd, these easy appetizer ideas are the perfect low carb party foods. Gather your friends for the big game and get geared up for a win with these zingy keto-friendly Asian chicken wings. Coleslaw is one of those foods that is pretty much keto without much need for modification. Many traditional football foods are carb-loaded horror shows for folks on Keto diets, but we've come up with a list of 36 Keto Super Bowl recipes that are sure to keep every fan well-fed. By setting aside a few hours each weekend, you’ll start the week with a fridge and freezer full of everything you need to quickly throw together a Keto meal. Don't let another big game or family gathering go by without making this keto buffalo chicken dip. Make this pretty and delicious appetizer for your next get-together and wow the crowds. Make ahead freezer meals are one of the best ways to take the stress out of your Keto diet! Keto Jack Black Pepper Wings Recipe Apps 'n Snacks , Meat , … I can feel it. What are your fav keto Hors d'oeuvres? Perfect dish for a catering appetizer or side dish, Great for a pass a plate PotLuck event or any big family gathering. This vivid, savory pressure cooker Keto onion soup recipe is a must-have for brutal winter nights. Plus they look elegant and taste amazing! seared salmon with whisky dip is the perfect holiday starter of party nibble, quick and easy to make and oh so tasty! This keto zucchini fritters recipe is fun to eat and to serve. From fried, stuffed olives to almond flour biscotti, these recipes are inspired by traditional Italian cooking. This pie is Keto and very presentable so it’s sure to be an elegant addition to your table. Wondering what the heck to eat while the party season is underway? Keto Meatballs, Five Different Ways. Fresh and spicy jalapeno peppers, stuffed with a creamy cashew cheese sauce and baked until golden brown. Change it up without changing your diet with this flavorful[...], Move over coleslaw — there’s a new veggie in town. This egg drop soup is all Keto, and stupid-easy to make! Extra tip: make a big batch of these to freeze and enjoy them as a quick and healthy snack any day of the week. Keto Pigs in a Blanket. Dress up your appetizers with this easy keto prosciutto wrapped asparagus recipe. Easy vegan queso made cashew-, dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free! Personal Chef Service HCG Diet Keto Paleo Catering Services Try this spicy seasoned keto zucchini fries recipe. And you don't have to, because these won't kick you out of ketosis. See more ideas about Snacks, Keto snacks, Recipes. Seek the advice of a medical professional for proper application of ANY material on this site to your specific situation. I've mentioned it many times on the blog. It's no secret that I love low carb appetizers. Ready to Get Started? It doesn’t get much better than this! Whether you call them appetizers, entrées or starters, there’s no excuse to miss out on smaller snacks on Keto. If you’re getting tired of lettuce or just want to try something new, this bright cucumber dish makes a great addition to your salad repertoire. When a cheese dip is really the only option, go with this Keto-friendly and dairy-free recipe! Want to serve something impressive at your next dinner party? With just a little Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder, you'll have the perfect soup-ready cracker in no time. With this recipe you can enjoy a flavorful soup without having to worry about your carbs. For more variety customize and secure with long bamboo picks. It's a friendly, shareable appetizer that always gets rave reviews. Easy, Really Really DIY Easy to make and cost effective, The whole tray of about 36 appetizers will come in at about a quarter each! Pickles for the win! In addition, no statement on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and any product mentioned or described on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Keto and low carb! Your mother probably told you to eat your broccoli – and she was right! Copyright 2020 - NBIP LLC; Operated by Nourishing Brands LLC | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, Terms, & Conditions | Contact You'll be hard-pressed to find a better crowd pleaser than this creamy keto crab dip recipe. These easy Prosciutto and Ricotta Hors d’oeuvres are quick to prepare and they are so easy to eat! Deviled eggs also make wonderful party food. Crunchy, crackly, crispy…Pork rinds are a popular snack for many folks on keto. But what about all that chocolate and candy? Go for piquant a garlic dip or some robust Buffalo chicken. And they’re tasty, too. Little bacon cups cooked over a mini muffin pan and filled with creamy guacamole. This guacamole recipe is also great for those on a ketogenic diet as, instead of using regular tomatoes, you use a small amount of cherry tomatoes to keep the net carbohydrate count low. And it's a great alternative for those of you who either don't want or can't tolerate a lot of dairy in your diet. This recipe is delicious with or without the shrimp. NOTICE: The information contained or presented on this website is for educational purposes only. This Keto broccoli slaw recipe is a perfect summer side[...], The warmer the weather gets, the less willing I am to do a lot of indoor cooking. I'm doing Keto now, and for entirely selfish reasons I want to make most of my munchies Keto-friendly, not only so I can eat them, but so I can show my friends how tasty Keto can be. Have a keto Christmas with this delicious and healthy low carb Christmas recipe round up! Is there better than a crunchy chip, perfect for snacking? I love guacamole, but sometimes it can be time-consuming to chop up all the vegetables to put into it. I've added onion and celery for a little more flavor and texture. It has been a popular starter at dinner parties for many years and is quick and easy to prepare. A nice sauce is what crowns the meal, so here's a collection of recipes that can help you prepare a complete Keto meal - without having to worry about extra carbs. You won’t have to feel guilty when you snack on this easy and delicious cauliflower dip. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. They’re the “starter,” a small dish or offering before the meal, which makes them perfect for keto appetizers. ★★★ Keto Diet Hors D Oeuvres Keto Diet And Workout Regime Can A Family Go On The Keto Diet What Is A Person S Body Burning When On The Keto Diet What To Eat When On The Keto Diet. Naturally low carb and gluten-free. The little kick you get from the chili powder livens up the mildness of zucchini! If you've missed crispy onion rings, we've got great news for you. Get ready for it with this Keto tangy red cabbage coleslaw recipe. Fry up a batch for a surprisingly easy five-ingredient appetizer or serve with a side for a satisfying entrée. These keto meatballs aren’t just delicious — they’re also versatile. I love eggplant's smoky, hearty flavor- but I was stuck on how to use more of it on a Keto diet. Prepare broth ahead of time to enjoy this quick, restaurant-quality soup at home without the expense of dining out. Ask me how I know. Enough said. How could everyone not find these dev. If you want to get super fancy you can whip up a flavored butter to spread on these soft and... 2. A really easy, pretty, appetizer that is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, and healthy eating. Check out our top recipes for dips, meatballs, wings, poppers, tarts, and more. Yes, 57 Great Low Carb Super Bowl Appetizers for those of you on a sugar-free or ketogenic diet. Don’t forget to rustle up some hummus and fill your boots with some easy Keto guacamole. Spicy and quick to make, these are perfect for a weeknight dinner or a game night snack. Hummus is one of those magic snacks that is not only good, but good for you. If eggplant isn't on your radar yet, it should be! You'll be pleasantly surprised by the new flavor combination. Quick and easy with just five ingredients and ready in 15 minutes. Find out how world-class chefs achieve those amazing flavors in the most famous restaurants! History[...], Potato pancakes may be off the table with Keto, but this Keto turmeric cauliflower pancakes recipe is a tasty alternative.[...]. Bouquet meat tray?? Information on this site is NOT intended to serve as a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or advice from a qualified, licensed medical professional. Low-carb seafood appetizers. The 21 Best Keto Appetizers 1. Sounds good, right? Ingredients: Keto Tomato Ketchup, mayo, salt, ground black pepper, prawns, iceberg lettuce, avocado, Italian seasoning, lemon juice, lemon wedges. This keto appetizer from KetoDiet Blog creates a classic guacamole mix, then rolls it up in crisp bacon pieces—just 1.4 grams of net carbs apiece. Buffalo wings fly off the table at parties. Don't worry, this post has just the solution! This recipe is totally Keto! (I say with!) One of the many benefits of following the Ketogenic diet is the freedom to indulge on plenty of fatty appetizers even if you’re trying to lose weight so read on for plenty of delicious Keto appetizers. Click "Read More" below to continue post I am excited to share this incredibly easy appetizer that is a true winner for any party or simply nibbling on a Friday night.

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