I didn’t want to die on that day, so I bailed the attempt. The Mount Lady Macdonald trail begins at Cougar Creek, starting out as a leg burner through the forest, then meandering through boulders, halfway up. It’s a piece of cake here. Kona on Mt. Also known as Lady MacDonald Tea House Hike. The descent went uneventfully. Alberta, Canmore, Mount Lady MacDonald. Mount Lady MacDonald Climbing Notes Be the first to submit your climbing note! I spent roughly 15 min to traverse the entire summit ridge, while I’ve heard some people used 1 hour to do so. There’s no loose rock and the slabs are very grippy. It turned out to be a great decision. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. Parked at the Cougar Canyon park lot. I lost the trail just before a large meadow/opening area and went straight up.. Not far up I encountered a boulder field, and found a large carcass of goat or deer… There must have been a cougar around and I didn’t even have a bear spary… I freaked out and ran down the mountain. Lady Macdonald June 2019 – Grotto Mtn. 2605m. If you can walk on the ridge for most part, then you can do it in 15min, if you have to often hands-down, then you probably need 30-40min.. There was a real cool cloud inversion which you can see in the video. It can take anywhere fro… Mount Lady MacDonald. Two girls topped out. The first best thing about the Lady Mac trail is that the trailhead is located right next to the Iron Goat Pub. Bill. Headed that way in a few weeks! Cheers. We were in prime sheep terrain and we had them all over. By Labour Day weekend, his leg had healed to the point that he was ready for a short hike. It is a geat place to get some exercise and if the weather cooperates offers a fine view of the mountains on the opposite side of the Bow Valley. Continue north past houses in a residential neighbourhood until the trail takes a noticeable bend to the left. Consider things such as access and accommodation at the base of Mount Lady MacDonald, as well as the logistics of climbing to the summit. Reaching the final summit ridge imposed no difficulty. From the trail head, which is next to Iron Goat Pub, this is 4.5km to the helipad on a very direct route which has some scrambling. The hike up Mount Lady MacDonald is short and steep, so you will find yourself zig-zagging up the mountain. After talking to each other briefly, I said I can lead them to the summit and I did’t mind to re-do the entire ridge. After eliminating pretty much everything we could think of, Mark suggested the Mount Lady MacDonald trail to the helipad, with the possibility of making it to the false summit – the true summit, gained by a very narrow ridge scramble, was obviously not on the agenda. Kona waiting at end of ridge Mt. The original plan for this May long weekend was a few snowshoe ascents along Icefield Parkway, but I changed my mind at the last minute while driving through the Canmore corridor. Mount Lady Macdonald | 2009-08-15 This is the sharpest part of the ridge where Kane describes as "the most demanding." This peak is located just north-east of Canmore Alberta. My first attempt was on the Day 4 of my solo Christmas peak-bagging mission. ( Log Out /  I waited another 15 min or so after getting back to the safe side of the summit ridge. The excellent reviews and overall rating we have received from travellers have ranked Lady Macdonald as one of the Best B&B and Inns in Canada. With a few “difficult scrambles” under by belt I could easily balance myself along the first section of the summit ridge. The rock was very grippy this time so I soon stand on the summit. This table gives the weather forecast for Mount Lady MacDonald at the specific elevation of 2605 m. Our advanced weather models allow us to provide distinct weather forecasts for several elevations of Mount Lady MacDonald. On September 8, 2013 January 2, 2017 By GeoKs In Bow Valley, Hiking. It's doesn't appear to be sharp in the photo but it is. Summit Panorama. ( Log Out /  I was tired and started the ascent late (well, 9:30 am start in December was a late start). I’m very satisfied but since I was soloing, I couldn’t get a decent photo of the ridge with people on it. When we returned two years later almost to the day, we had perfect conditions: dry rock, blue sky and calm winds. going for some "alpine fir" stuff here in Arizona. Great views will peek out regularly, so be prepared to stop and enjoy these wonderful views. Mount Lady MacDonald is an obvious objective, to say the least. We thought we were okay once we got out of the trees and on the rocky ridge but still had to kill some in the parking lot and at home. 1. ESE Ridge of Lady MacDonald 5.5 - Kananaskis, "This is a one line proof...if we start sufficiently far to the left. Dipping down just before the false summit. Mount Lady MacDonald My original plan of this weekend was to do some last snowshoeing ascents, namely Mosquito Mountain and Emerald Peak, however, as I drove into the mountains, I changed my mind. You can see most of the 18 peaks of Mount Rundle, Ha Ling peak, Miner peak, Lawrence Grassi, the Three Sisters, Rimwall, Mount Lougheed, and to the south, Grotto and Parts of Gap Peak to name just a few. Overall, if you are confident on exposure, this ridge is for you. My first objective would be the knife-edge Mt. It put the whole prospect of attempting the Canmore Quad at some point in the future in a new, more frightening, perspective. If someday I run out of peak in Canmore area, Lady Mac is the one I want to repeat. Mount Lady Macdonald is a mountain located in The Bow River valley of Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.The mountain was named in 1886 after Susan Agnes Macdonald, wife of Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada. Before you pass the wire dam you’ll turn into the trees to your left and find the trail head with the trail map. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The summit ridge was much less snowy this time. The trail itself is quite well defined, and climbs to the site of a former, now defunct tea house. With southern exposure this popular hike often has great trail conditions. Helipad on ridge just above Kona’s head, one of three high points required the for the “Triple Crown of Canmore“, in addition to HaLing Peak and East End of Rundle. Arguably Rich's favourite quick Mountain Summit and conveniently located on the north side Canmore near canyon Creek is Mount Lady MacDonald known colloquially as Lady Mac.

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