There are two ways for you to utilize your pets for leveling up. 3 New Pets in EP4.0 (Black Witch, Cruiser and Teddy ... Purchasing Accomplished Worker Skill (Req: Adventure Rank D), Purchasing Master Worker Skill (Req: Adventure Rank B). a miniaturized Ferus would have been more appropriate evolution, I wish they added more pets! Pet need to have Intimacy Level 5 to work. Looks cuter. 0 0 vote. This is a serious issue when it comes to higher-level pets, like incubus or bapho jr. Not so much with lower-level pets that are easy to loyal. To start using Pet Labor you need to be Lv. PET ADVENTURE. Take note that you need your pet to reach intimacy level 5 to use these features and at least BASE level 30++. However it takes more effort to raise the intimacy of higher tier pets. Pet sedikit banyak membantu pemain dalam menjelajahi dunia Ragnarok serta menghancurkan monster yang ada. Facebook. A slot machine will appear and it must be clicked to get a chance at taming the monster. Whereas for Rudolph, it does not have new skin when it reach level 10 intimacy. The higher level the pet is, the less intimacy it will begin with. Edited by bloodyrascal, 15 December 2013 - 10:38 AM. Intimacy levels include: Awkward (1 - 99) Shy (100 - 249) Neutral (250 - 749) Cordial (750 - 909) Loyal (910 - 1000) Intimacy levels can be raised by feeding the pet when its Hunger level is on Neutral or lower. Requirement to use Pet [Labor Traveling Machine]: Any pet reach Intimacy Level 5; Pet Base Level 45; Tips: At beginning, 1 Game account can only send pet to work maximum in 2 work place. Oleh karenanya, kita harus merawat pet kita agar semakin loyal dengan cara meningkatkan level pet serta Intimacy pet. Material Hunting is easy when you had Pet. Article Rating. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. But the most important thing are the Guaranteed Chest that you can sell for lots of zeny. If you succeed, you will use the taming item and receive a pet egg. Cheersssss To get Gold Lunatic is relatively easy. In order to tame a pet you will need the correct pet taming item. 0 0 vote. It might be small but in the early game. Was planning on doing this as well. Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guides – Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love guides & tips Oh, and also these pets are very valuable when it comes to Pet Adventure. Select 1st option, to proceed. Pet accessory is believed to add some intimacy to its current status. You can get this pet by fusing the Poring and Lunatic pet. A pet is given a random number of intimacy points between 100 and 399 when it's first hatched. I did not include Poring & Lunatic because i believe almost everyone have seen it. Hunger Level = [Hungry/Very Hungry] [A little bit Hungry/Hungry] [Normal/Neutral] [Full/Satisfied] [Very Full/Stuffed] Posted: (1 months ago) Posted: (23 days ago) Pet Fusion is a new method to obtain Pets in Ragnarok Mobile EP 5.0. Pet Adventure. Article Rating. Feeding a pet increases its intimacy relative to its level and hunger; higher level pets get less intimacy per feeding, and vice versa. Acquire A Pet And Raise Intimacy Levels. also thanks for compiling it was fun looking at bapho jr. wiz. Unlock Gold Lunatic Pet – Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love ... Be sure to have your pet intimacy to reach level 10. Not OP but actually they are in the same box. So how do you maximise pet working efficiency? So make sure everytime you die with you succubus, add +4 feedings to your inventory. Essentially it will take longer or cost you more (if you were to gift taming items) to max their intimacy. Each pet boosts our character’s stats, therefore it’s essential to choose a pet based not only on our likings but also the class synergy. The first factor relates to pet intimacy. Pets with Taming Items obtained from Endless Tower and other MVPs Basic pets from other sources The succ… Di update episode 5, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love kedatangan banyak pet baru yang bisa kalian dapatkan atau tangkap. As your slots are limited you’re probably wondering which pet locations give the best rewards. You will now see the gold poring is unlock and just click on the gold poring card, and now you will have Gold Poring! Level 3 pet intimacy is fairly easy to achieve but if you want to save more time you can gift one more taming item to your pets and most of them will be at level 3 intimacy instantly. 6. EXP gained by pets in your Pet House increased by 10%: 6: Friendship gained by pets in your Pet House increased by 10%: 7: Number of simultaneous pet work slots increased by 1: 8: Bag slots increased by 20: 9: Drops from field battles +3%.

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