That way, they will help you quiet their classmates down without shushing. Students who are not engaged in the classroom have less opportunity for a successful learning environment, but teachers can implement these four steps to engage quiet students. If there is still music left on Friday, the class earns a treat.” If you don’t like to give tangible rewards to students, make the reward a class dance-off: play a favorite song for 2 or 3 minutes on Friday afternoon right before dismissal and let the kids have some fun! and hold the class accountable. 10, 9, 8…” When time is up, move on to the next activity just like you said you’d do, and let stragglers catch up without acknowledging them except to help as needed. Then I say “I like the way **** is waiting to begin”. Classroom management is key. Just a thought. Angela Watson Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years experience in the classroom, plus over a decade of experience as an instructional coach. Allow students to help in establishing the guidelines for classroom behavior. One of the best ways to maintain a quiet classroom is to catch students at the door before they enter. Written by Kerry Hishon. I use a T.V. Here are just a few!). It’s rare that they aren’t ready by the time I get to 1. Since group points don’t work, I challenge my class to earn more points than me. I sing “Red Robin,” and the students reply, “Yummmm.”, I let my fourth grade students vote at the beginning of the year. (I have another post coming up with specific suggestions for that.) Have you seen this article on how teachers can talk less and get kids to talk more? Students of any age will respond to simple tunes and call-backs, such as “Dadadadadada…Da da!” and “Bum, bada bum bum…Bum, bum!”  Since Scott R. loves sports, he starts singing the ESPN tune and has the kids finish it. Kids love them, and these classroom attention-getters really work! While I could have only rewarded quiet students, I knew complete silence was not possible for this group. You can use a hand bell to alert your kids the noise is too loud. Angela, which one of those methods you posted would you recommend using for my large group teaching time at Sunday School? Angela Watson Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years experience in the classroom, plus over a decade of experience as an instructional coach. A twist on this is to raise your hand and count one finger at a time. I am constantly asking them to quiet down. Hands up mean stop talking and pay attention to the teacher. . The ‘check in” sign has been one of my classroom management tools for years.” Toni L. uses a wind up music box: “I wind it on Monday. I am a Girl Scout leader, and our troop is often rowdy. Have a Predetermined Signal – I used to have a bell that I would ring when I wanted the class quiet. This is a great one for the PreK-2 set, especially if you have a dramatic flair. You may want to quietly count to five along with the visual cue of your fingers. Do a search there–I’m positive I’ve seen a number of posts on managing kids’ behavior on a school bus. So, I decided to poll the Education to the Core Community to see what we could come up with. They’re all friends and all good students–except for one problem One of them talks too much in class. I will calmly repeat (changing the number of claps) until I have the attention of the entire room. Place them in groups with children they feel comfortable with and are good at including others in conversation. I like to use clips of shorter songs–just thirty to sixty seconds. Maybe they can earn tickets for a weekly drawing or a few minutes towards end-of-the-week free play time. A great way to give them this attention (in a very positive way) is to give them a job, and for this classroom strategy, we are going to award three or four students with the job of getting the rest of the class quiet. I would love some ideas on how to quiet down high schoolers. You may want to just go with it and provide more opportunities for kids to talk (about the things you want them talking about!) Hi, since you’re teaching Sunday school, I have a great idea from when I went on a religious retreat as a teenager. It worked well for me and it enabled my kids to be more hands on and basically teach themselves and others, therfore less time to fool around. Watch how it works!” and pretend to sprinkle some on a child’s head. And they will do say, “Whoooosh” (for Michael Jordon), My middle schoolers (!!) Since I can be so quiet, the kids stay quiet, too! If you want the students to be quiet and pay attention, stand still, silently, until all students are quiet before you begin.,, how teachers can talk less and get kids to talk more. Thanks for all the great ideas! Thank you!!! It’s a bit of fun and I’ve always found fun to be one of the best ways of getting a negative group on side in the shortest possible time; especially if it involves allowing them to make a lot of noise. Nothing in their hands and all eyes are on me. Kids love this game and will quiet down immediately as you reach towards the music box. You can do this in a number of ways. As founder of Due Season Press and Educational Services, she has created printable curriculum resources, online courses, 5 books, the Truth for Teachers podcast, and the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club. 1. When your students see that your hand is raised, they too will raise their hands. understands speech; reads and spells; behaves in the classroom; pays attention; and/or; concentrates. Make a signal so that your students become aware of the fact that the classroom has become too loud, and they need to quiet down. The children all started asking about me and our new baby until he became very uneasy. Follow Angela Watson’s Teaching Ideas’s board Behavior Management on Pinterest. Table groups encourage … I don’t move on til everyone stops. Each time we transition, I count down from 5. It works great! We had a signal that anyone in the room could use. This is a great technique for substitute teachers to have in their back pockets! And that’s true even if you have a classroom full of … You can set the timer and tell the kids that you going to see how long they can stay quiet this time. When done, the leader had everyone’s attention. The first day of school I told the children that our room would only hold so much sound before it started flowing out into the hall. If they pay attention during class and behave well, I place a marble inside the vase. I work with special needs students, so I find that I have to use a variety of these suggestions.. Our school has an “eat first, talk later” rule at lunch. It's a GREAT, simple way to keep your kids quiet and working while you're trying to do small groups! My students will pat, pat, clap, clap, snap, snap, “shhhh!”, Or I might say, “Give me a number 23!” Set rules to keep the lunchroom quiet and orderly and make sure that students understand the restrictions. They know that when the vase is filled, the group gets a price, so when they see me walking towards the vase, they begin quieting down. I never have to say a thing. Ways to Get a Quiet (er) Classroom. A bit of praise seems to motivate others quickly. What does it sound like?” I think it looks like -” And name a person who’s modeling what you want. Class.”…a few kids at first will reply “yes. We are smarter together. Another option might be old t.v. I have been using this for years, and it still works!” The kids never know which it will be but it has proven very effective to getting their attention! I would give more diverse ideas of something that YOU approve of and might help someone else…see how that works?….just a thought. You might have to stop the attendance-taking process once or twice to quiet the students again, but they will quickly understand your expectations. This achieves mutually understood and respected classroom … When the class isn’t listening and you feel like the teacher on Charlie Brown, it is tempting to yell at the class BUT there are better ways than yelling! 19. When kids are acting out in class, it’s often a signal that they have too much built-up energy. The Acoustical Society of America estimates that a student with typical hearing often misses one out of every four words. Suddenly, he noticed one child after another raising a finger in the air. Hi, Janet! My son’s 5th Grade Teacher used to say “Superman.” The kids would respond by putting both arms straight out in front of them and saying “WHOOSH!” I now use This with my midddle school students. I didn’t realize how effective it was until my husband took some papers in to the sub one day. Diana S. trained her third graders in what she calls the Five Finger Technique: “Any time I held my hand in the air, any child who saw it started counting to 5, and by the time we got there everyone should have stopped, faced me, closed their mouths and opened their ears.” Since she taught on a reservation, sometimes she did the countdown in her students’ native language, as well. With this many creative ways, surely they can find one that will work for them. I can’t take credit for this one, but I love it! If you keep trying to push through your lesson, it’s like shaking up a 2-liter of soda and waiting for the pressure to go away on its own. August 27, 2016. This idea comes from Gloria, a 2nd Grade Teacher, in Altoona, PA. Great idea! Making them active in the classroom is the key to help them have a productive classroom experience and excel in studies. You are not promoting anything ( except quiet in your classroom). My favorite part is that all I have to do to quiet someone is to tap him on the shoulder and point to the orange cone. Another way that you can exercise discipline and increase your ability to be quiet is to avoid eating during class. There are 18 kids in the fifth grade that are a part of the after school program in which I am the leader for. Another nonverbal way to quiet your class is to simply raise your hand. Why won’t you listen! [8] . I love all these ideas and use a lot of them. They know immediately to stop what they are doing, be silent and focus on what I am about to share with them. We’ve shared 9 of our favorite attention-getters below, but there are 14 more in our printable version. Make a quiet signal with your hand. Thank you!!! I have learned a great way with kids K-4 is to quietly say “Class. JulieAnn S. says, “Talk softly to one group of students…the rest will want to hear what you are saying.” Lori S. advises, “Speak in an accent they don’t normally hear. 7. I and my staff take the hands of anyone still moving (let me help you stand still) or I say to individual children, “I can’t see you twinkling”. Place them in groups with children they feel comfortable with and are good at including others in conversation. The students have had about 10 subs in the past 4 months. Constantly having to refocus your class is a normal part of teaching. Demonstrate the behavior you want to see. Bouncy Balls – Manage classroom noise with bouncing balls! ), Leigh E. says, “I will walk over near a few students and in a calm, normal-volume voice say, ‘Clap twice if you can hear me.’ The few students will clap. I teach English as a Second Language to 4th to 8th graders. Make a big show of gliding around the room and sweeping the sprinkles over your students. If they aren’t ready, I earn a point. They also may have just had breakfast because they were running late (not their fault) then had to … If you don't believe this underlying precept wholeheartedly, the kids will sense your hesitation and act on that feeling. 4 for 1 hour. I love that idea, thanks for sharing! Maybe you can sing at the beginning of each Sunday School class to signal to kids that you’re about to get started and need their attention. I teach 7th grade. I’m a first year teacher with a lively, very chatty, bunch of kindergarteners! Signal Your Students to Get Quiet. ?” Teaching is tough! They get 3 seconds to make as much noise as they want and then, at your signal, they become silent for as long as possible. It’s a bit of fun and I’ve always found fun to be one of the best ways of getting a negative group on side in the shortest possible time; especially if it involves allowing them to make a lot of noise. Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years experience in the classroom, plus over a decade of experience as an instructional coach. 50 fun call and response ideas to get students’ attention. Preschoolers may need quiet time for themselves at different points of the day. Tell students in advance that you will be calling on them to give an answer. The ideas below are perfect for controlling classroom noise and redirecting students’ behavior. The idea is to have the whole group simultaneously shout as loud as possible, and then immediately be quiet on some signal. “Whenever noise levels start to rise or we need to get quieter I open up the music box. I have a vase for each group and colored marbles (a different color for each). With my first graders I usually try to remind them that I will take the cones away at exactly 12:35 so the kids know I’m always giving them their entire talking time. If you’re consistent with this, students will learn you mean what you say and they have to keep pace! show theme songs. Thank you, Lisa! . The key to any successful classroom management plan is to think carefully about the goals you want to achieve and act confidently. And coincidentally, Jah in Spanish (ya) means “done”. It is both simple and ingenious! Jenni S. shares this tip she uses with her eighth grade class: “I say, ‘Teaching in 5, teaching in 4, teaching in 3,’ all the way down to 1. You get tips for a solid plan based on a positive system with ideas for yo… If at the end of the day, there is any music left, the kids receive some type of reward. Have a Predetermined Signal – I used to have a bell that I would ring when I wanted the class quiet. Before giving anything out, I described what activ… For this class, I cut up Twizzlers into one-inch pieces and told them I was looking to reward active participation. A full day of childcare can be stressful and difficult to manage for some young children. Make sure to have necessary support and advice, so you will need to give the child the best possible educational opportunity. Quiet Classroom Strategies. I can keep teaching and not have to ask why a kid has their hand raised. Tell the students that, whenever they are noisy or off task, you will open the music box and let the music play until they quiet down and get back to work. And please use the comments to share your favorite tips for guiding students to quiet down! I had some students this year who I think would have totally gotten into that. I have about 40 students in my class. Thank you. It became like a game: “The students would strain to hear it–no one wanted to be the first to raise their hand. I learned this from the Spanish teacher. After a few days, maybe you can add 1-2 more classes to your “quiet list.” Keep moving in this direction until you can maintain this behavior throughout the day. In the post, you will also find a freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers that share my favorite ones! Any ideas for keeping a kindergarten class quiet all day long? When you get home from work, do you often feel hoarse from telling the kids to stop talking and exhausted from trying, in vain, to keep your kids on task? I’ve been searching for new attention grabbers because mine are getting worn out. As teachers, we know the value of having good attention getters to quiet noisy classrooms. First, you can train them to enter the room silently or quietly. The kids were told at the beginning of the year that when the bell sounded, it was the signal to stop everything and look for the teacher. A full day of childcare can be stressful and difficult to manage for some young children. I love the ideas and plan to bring these up at our next grade level meeting. If you want the students to be quiet and pay attention, stand still, silently, until all students are quiet before you begin. McDonald’s is a good example. Students love routines as much as we do. She then makes eye contact with individual children as needed and taps one her puffed cheeks as a reminder. Cindy, I highly recommend this blog for school bus drivers: . I told them if they forced me to ring the bell, it would mean a loss of privileges. Robert B. teaches math, and tells his students, “Give me a factor of ___” and the kids hold up the correct number of fingers (i.e. Angela, I teach my third graders to count to ten in a number of different languages. Teach your class a signal that means they should quiet down. Some simple ways to make a classroom quieter include the following: Place rugs or carpet in the room. The table groups format is common in early years and primary school classrooms.This format tends to fade away as students get older and teaching styles move away from play-based and hands-on learning.Nonetheless, this format is one of the most popular contemporary classroom layouts and is commonly seen across age groups, including in college seminar classes.Best for:Interactive hands-on lessons. Behavior management strategies for classroom management: preschool, kindergarten, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th & 6th grade! Then we all clap once together.” Stephanie W. uses this: “Take a seat, take a seat…Take a load off your feet, whoop whoop [raise arms on the whoop whoop].” Another idea is to play a Simon Says-like game: “If you can hear me, put your hands on your head” and so on with different directions to get kids moving. Hope it helps! Works amazingly, and they are so cute when they do it!”. She had taken a child to the clinic so the room was unattended. For example, if you tend to be very chatty in a particular class, work to stay quiet in just that one class. Bianca G.  sings the Wada Wada Bing Bang song with her class, and says, “If they are singing they can’t be talking. I use the countdown with my middle schoolers. We teach the kids that as long as the cones are on the table, it is not time to talk. It’s much gentler (and less exhausting) to show a sign all day long than to keep repeating yourself! e. Any tips? These are great ideas. You might be surprised at how well this simple technique works! I have been using hand signals, but sometimes it takes too much time before they even realize I am trying to connect. You can do this in a number of ways. A ‘be-by-myself’ space can be set aside in the classroom for a child to use when he or she feels overwhelmed, upset, or tense. It is important to keep the classroom as quiet as possible for all children. I have also used numbers to indicate the noise level. Classroom Management 5 Ways to Quiet Down a Noisy Drama Class (Without Yelling!) 1. I use Marco-Polo. She often finishes her class work before her classmates, but she is starting to annoy me. I recommend looking into the method. When your students see that your hand is raised, they too will raise their hands. So, I decided to poll the Education to the Core Community to see what we could come up with. First, you can train them to enter the room silently or quietly. Instead, try to eat a balanced breakfast and to snack between classes only. The leader sang, “Shout out my soul for the glory of God!” We’d all reply in song, “Shout out my soul for the glory of God!” Then the leader would sing, “His love is forever and ever!” We’d reply, “His love is for ever and ever!” There was another verse; something about ‘together’. Will work on call-and-response this week. We might say the numbers in that language a couple of times, and I gradually say the numbers more quietly until we are all quiet. When I wanted everyone quiet at once for a transition, I would walk around the room whispering, “If you can hear me, hold up one finger.” Again, 30 seconds and dead silence. Great ideas! Drama classes are naturally noisy, chaotic places. I have always wanted a comprehensive list of all of the best attention getters in one spot. Buy an inexpensive music box. Sorry I can’t help you with the tune but you might be able to find it somewhere on the internet. I had a Kindergarten class full of boys and I learned “Wholebrain Teaching”. Classroom-Management Tips for Substitute Teachers, Helpful Classroom Management Strategies Every Teacher Should Try, Tips for Teachers to Make Classroom Discipline Decisions, 7 Ways to Take Control of Your Classroom to Reduce Student Misbehavior, Weekly Newsletter for Parent Communication, How to Deal with Oppositional Defiant Disorder in the Classroom, 4 Tips for Effective Classroom Management, Teaching Strategies to Keep Struggling Students Working, 4 Principles of Classroom Management and Social Emotional Learning, What Teachers Can Do About Misbehavior in the Classroom, Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Students' Attention, B.A., Sociology, University of California Los Angeles. Because it s something that all kids recognize. Read Books and Hold Class Discussions. And sing an advert song advertising cheap and unhealthy fast food? Hand signals would also be useful. Hi, Lee Ann! (Rumor has it that you can find one at Target for approximately $12.99!) Whenever someone is chatty or not paying attention, I hold the sign in the air. I have always wanted a comprehensive list of all of the best attention getters in one spot. by Kerry Hishon. This blog post is to help to get and maintain a quiet (er) classroom. Typically, this will quiet a classroom within 20 seconds, and an auditorium or cafeteria of hundreds of students in less than a minute. ( no rewards for this one- I use it when we do not have our 6 inch voices on) It spreads Like wild fire with others- usually the ones who are the loudest and not paying attention are the last ones to engage themselves in this game- viola- you now know where the issue is and with whom. They are disruptive, cuss in teachers faces, get up and do what they want, leave the classroom (this was the first 2 days). Watch a free online workshop, "The Best Ways to Build Fact Fluency, Even If You have Zero Time" by clicking the website link below. In my nursery class, when I want my children’s attention, (sometimes I clap first if it’s noisy), I raise my hands and open and close them like twinkly stars and say, ” one, two, three” and the children reply, “twinkle back at me”. Great ideas…I can use these to my kindergartens pupils…Kindly send me more techniques,,,thanx a lot and more power!!!!! When we take away the cones, then they can talk to their friends. If you are in need of some great attention getters to quiet your classroom, this list is just for you! These are affiliate links, which mean I get a percentage of each sale at no additional cost to you. If anyone felt they weren’t getting their fair share, they could put their left hand over their own mouth and hold one finger of the right hand in the air. I also introduced them to my bell. There have been some great discussions about how to get students to quiet down on my Facebook page, and I want to share what’s worked for those teachers as well as what I’ve tried in my own classroom. I do it two ways- I will either say nose goes and the first person to put their finger on their nose is rewarded with our school Reward policy -( a ticket to redeem for an items later) or I stand quietly with my Finger on my nose without a sound. The goal is not to sing it more than once.”. Hang soft materials such as felt or corkboard on the walls. Avoid rushing this important procedure. Good – better – best – Never let it rest till good is better and better is best! As they line up, to get their attention and make sure they are ready to go, I begin one of the languages and say the numbers in different rhythms. Managing a classroom takes time to learn and to refine. I don’t want to take her aside and giving her a talking to. Beth O. tells her students to “pop a marshmallow in.” Right after she says the words, she puffs up her cheeks and taps them, and the kids do the same with their own cheeks (which stops them from talking.) Great idea, going to try that on Sunday morning. Here are seven strategies to get quiet kids talking: 1. Helpful ways to integrate children into the classroom environment. Be creative and find the perfect no-cost reward that your students will really want to quiet down for. Or I’ll say, “What does ready look like? Just got placed in a classroom of 6th graders in the middle of the semester because their teacher suddenly quit. Good Classroom Acoustics Helps Everyone. Eating during class involves the rustling of packages, sounds of chewing, and a general distraction for yourself and those around you. We teach them that they should really be quiet by 3 and not need to go all the way to 5. It works really well but there are days when I do it more often than I should. Thanks so much Angela. My 2nd grade classroom is decorated with my favorite animal- moose. Every day I nominate a “Captain Silence” who walks around the classroom at my instruction and gives the thumbs up or down for students working quietly. I teach Year 1 and use ‘Simon Says”, or ‘Macaroni and Cheese, everybody freeze”. My daughter is a sub teacher and she flips the lights on and off a couple of times when she needs to. Each morning, wind the music box up completely. I would love to hear other solutions that would have a similar effect as a music box from some fellow educators here any suggestions? One way to do this is to use a “teach-to.” (Described here.)

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